Friday, August 29, 2014

God's Not Dead Movie Review

Title:  God is Not Dead
Format:  DVD
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Pure Flix Entertainment
For awhile now we have been hearing about the movie God is Not Dead, which now many can view at home via rental or DVD.  I visited the movie’s website, listening to the clips of various interviews with those who played a role in the movie.  As I listened, I didn’t sense either way whether I would agree with the movie or not because He isn’t dead, He is risen!  Then, I came upon a FaceBook posting from Answers in Genesis by Dr. Georgia Purdom on August 5th 2014.  After reading her post, I watched the movie last night.
There are some reasons I enjoyed the movie such as the realistic settings various parts of the movie portrayed.  Some people are out to discredit Christians any way they can while others mock or quickly push aside a belief in God as a crutch.  One female character gets shocking health related news.  The professor is angry at God and cannot understand how He let his mother die when he begged Him to let her live.  Now, the main focus is a pre-law college student refusing to sign a piece of paper which the class is assigned to do after they write just three words, “God is dead.”  Since the student, Josh, refuses to sign the paper, he is challenged by his professor to prove otherwise and from then on Josh works at studying and preparing to prove his point.
A couple of things bothered me about the movie, too.  One was the how the character Josh felt he had to defend God.  So exactly how does a finite being defend the Infinite?  Yes, we are to be ready in season and out to give an answer to those who ask for the reason we have hope, but that is different than defending God.  Second, was how Creationism wasn’t used as a way of showing just how awesome God is; He spoke creation into being.  Josh’s stance was that he used evolution and the Big Bang plus God as a way to show how God creates, which then takes off to other areas of discussion.
I ask that people discerningly watch the movie, go back to the Word of God and understand that God spoke all things into being.  Go back to the original language and see how He spoke and in an instant what He spoke was created.  Please prayerfully consider this well-written presentation of why people should not accept God plus anything else man can invent to minimize God.  Here is the link   Let us remember that God cannot lie and His Word is the absolute Truth from cover to cover.  Be a regular feeder of the Word, discern what you read or hear no matter the source.  Let God’s Word be our sole standard!
My rating is 2 stars for the movie.

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