Here to Stay

Title:  Here to Stay
Author:  Melissa Tagg
Pages:  368
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Bethany
Readers are going to enjoy the contrasting lessons two main characters represent in this tale, one is Blake and the other is Autumn.  The place is Whisper Shores, Michigan, a small town that relies heavily on tourist seasons to run their respective lodging places.  Blake and Autumn’s families have had a long standing feud that only grew in intensity when tragedy struck, inflicting pain in both families.  Now Autumn is handed her families’ inn to run all on her own, but her heart yearns to travel to other countries and experience adventure.  Blake isn’t welcomed warmly when he returns after a long absence, but the man that returns is not the same man who left.  Blake was sure God led him to return home, but after a while he isn’t so certain.
I really enjoyed this novel that so eloquently shows the contrasting nature that really resides in the human race.  The characters, Autumn and Blake, are each dealing with issues of the heart that run deep and trying not to let the family feud dictate their actions.  Autumn is a caring, compassionate and at times a strong-headed woman who wants to get the inn on solid financial footing before she goes to fulfill her lifelong dream of working in France.  She believes God has brought a gentleman from France to buy her inn where she can leave the daily managing to others.  Blake is wrought with grief and guilt over losing his brother years earlier.  Once he relished the nickname Blaze for it accurately described his wild and daring adventures, now it only seems to hammer blame into his heart.
When I finished reading, I thought how well the author portrayed our nature to quickly judge, bringing further hurt to others.  There is also the way the characters in love are finding their way to love enough to let go and in the interim each finds that it isn’t the adventure that fulfills them, but the sharing of it with another.  The novel is filled with adventure, romance, laughter, faith and more than my mere words can convey!  So grab a copy, read it, enjoy the book and perhaps share it with a friend for a journey shared is so much more fun.
My rating is 5 stars.
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