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In the President's Service: Fatal Addiction

Title:  In the President’s Service Series, Book #4:  Fatal Addiction
Author:  Ace Collins
Format:  eBook
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Elk Lake Publishing
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from the author via
Readers are introduced to one of the main characters, Helen Meeker, in the first book of the series In the President’s Service: A Date with Death.  Set in the beginning of WWII, Helen Meeker returns after audiences are introduced to her in the novel, The Yellow Packard.  Helen is woman who works inside the FBI, but also has direct access to FDR as she fights to uncover the multilayered threats to the President and her country.
In this installment, Helen’s survival of a sure demise has caught the enemy off balance.  As Helen contemplates her latest action packed detail, more questions arise.  With assistance, Meeker is able to contact local servicemen to help locate and destroy a U-Boat that is just off the coast of Texas.  Action begins to heighten as Meeker returns to her team to pull all their information together.  Alister Fister  thought he was super intelligent and a god, his body begins to withdrawal from  the drug which caused his body to heal almost immediately.  He begins looking for the man who began the treatments to find out what is going on, but what he discovers rocks Alister’s world and shows a bigger threat to the nation than even Hitler’s regime.
I can say this is an awesome suspense-filled series that is craftily written, keeping readers hungering for the next book in the series.  Just when I thought I knew how all was going to work out Ace Collins introduces a twist in the plot that throws a wrench in trying to solve the mystery he is building.  Ace Collins is like a master builder introducing characters, action, suspense and surprises that kept me reading till the end of each tale.
My rating is 5 stars. 
The series should be read in order as each is a continuation from the previous book, for those new to In the President’s Service Series the order is as follows:

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