Path to Freeedom

Title:  Path of Freedom (Quilts of Love Series)
Author:  Jennifer Hudson Taylor
Pages:  228
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
Flore Saferight is an 18-year-old Quaker midwife who has been asked to go on a mission.  The mission could be dangerous as it involves transporting slaves from a slave-holding state to a free state.  Her sister will accompany her, but to her distress, her childhood nemesis, Bruce Millikan, has also been asked to go along.  Flora wants to follow God’s will, but does it have to involve the one person she can’t stand to be around?  Flora initially refuses the mission, but is encouraged to pray about it.  She does and is convicted that she must go.  She reluctantly agrees to go and sets out on a journey that will change her life.
Bruce Millikan has grown up and changed from the bully he was as a young boy.  He sincerely regrets his teasing of Flora when they were children, but doubts she will ever let go of her grudge against him.  He seems to always put his foot in his mouth when having a conversation with her.  He wants her to know that his feelings for her have grown into something more than friendship.  His Quaker roots have led him on some missions to free slaves and this mission proves to continue his passion.  He only hopes that he can survive having Flora along without saying something he can’t take back or repair.  His future with Flora he commits to God, but he sure hopes God grants his wish.
I normally am not a fan of quilt-themed fictional stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one.  I liked the Quaker influence, the well-defined characters and the importance of faith in God presented.  The romance between the two lead characters was great and I loved their teasing interactions.  I definitely will consider reading more books in this series.  This one was short and easy to read, so don’t miss it!
My rating is 5 stars.

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