Sky Zone

Title:  Sky Zone (The Crittendon Files #3)
Author:  Creston Mapes
Pages:  448
Year:  2014
Publisher:  David C Cook
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from the author via
Before I read the novel Fear has a Name, which is the first of the Crittendon Files series from Creston Mapes, he was an unknown author to me.  After reading Fear Has a Name followed by Poison Town all I wanted to know was when his next novel was coming out!  Sky Zone is seriously just out of this world and has the main character, Jack Crittendon, along with his family finding themselves in the midst of financial troubles.  Not only is Jack looking for a new job in journalism, but in the interim he is working a minimum wage job while his pregnant wife Pam is working full-time.  Jack has been searching for new employment while his mother-in-law, who has the beginnings of dementia, is living with them.  Then a normal night at work all of a sudden is anything but normal.  At the Columbus Festival Arena Jack normally helps people find their seats and helps with security.  The evening event of a Presidential hopeful, Senator Martin Sterling, giving a speech followed by a rock star who has become a Christian has turned out to be so much more than expected.
A terrorist threat that turns real, as well as Jack’s 8-month pregnant wife surprising him by coming to the event along with their other two girls heightens the tension for Jack in an instant.  Readers will become engrossed not just with the element of danger, mystery and intrigue but also the personal life of the Crittendon family.  Along with high suspense and action, the audience will meet a host of unique characters which reflect the many people we might meet in our everyday lives.  I liked how the author has a hard core Marine come to a point of making many decisions because of how Jack has lived his faith before the man constantly.  Not that Jack or his family are shown as perfect.  They are not by a long shot, but like real people along with all the baggage people in life carry.  Plus I loved how the characters with faith in God who have seen Him work at times struggled to believe Him for finances or a new job is such a reflection on reality.
I cannot recommend highly enough all three books of the Crittendon files be read so that the audience can appreciate the adventures of this family.  What will come next from the pen of this author?  Whatever it will be I hope it is a story that follows reporter Jack Crittendon into another exploit with all the suspense, thrill and faith aspect of the others!
My rating is 5+ stars.

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