A Guest Review of C. J. Darlington's: Jupiter Winds

Title:  Jupiter Winds
Author:  C.J. Darlington                                                                              
Pages:  300
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Mountainview Books, LLC
Two teenage sisters, Grey and Rin Alexander, have been on their own for five years since their parents’ apparent deaths.  The world they live in is controlled by a totalitarian regime that craves power over the part of Earth that is still free, over Mars, and now over Jupiter; however, there are some who have committed to fight to free the Jupiter settlements.  Grey has been targeted by the Mazdaar government to be used as a pawn to draw out her father—thought dead—from his hiding place.  The seventeen-year-old girl discovers her courage and fortitude under the merciless Mazdaar military leader’s sadistic treatment, and she finds the strength to endure as she is tortured and transported to a base on Jupiter in order to be “bait” to trap her father. 
C.J. Darlington’s book is reminiscent of the science fiction novels of the mid-Twentieth Century when much of science’s knowledge about the planets in the Solar System was based on speculation.  The idea that Jupiter could be habitable, at least in part, under the gaseous atmosphere goes against what is now known, but the uniqueness of the story was refreshing to read by keeping the action within a relatively short distance from Earth.  The overall story has similarities with the despair of living under a corrupt and power-hungry government as shown in The Hunger Games and 1984, but there is an originality portrayed in Jupiter Winds as it shows that there is hope for the future even though the road to restored freedom will not be an easy one.
This book is written with a Christian worldview without an overt need to be preachy or adhere to the typical apocalyptic interpretations of some Christian authors.  Yes, there are characters who express their faith in God and believe that prayer is effective.  However, Grey has struggled with the faith that her parents had taught her years before, but her doubts are not in the existence of God but in the idea that he cares what happens to Grey and her sister.  By the end of the story, Grey begins to regain some of the faith she had once had.
Jupiter Winds concludes with an ending that is not quite complete.  Those who fight for freedom from Mazdaar’s control have one a battle, but they know that more battles await them, which leaves the story ripe for a sequel.  I do not know if a sequel is in the works, but I surely hope that there is one coming.
My rating is 4.5.
Guest review by Cleve Johnson
Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book.  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility.  Other reviews can be read at http://seekingwithallyurheart.blogspot.com/ .  Also follow me on Twitter@lcjohnson1988, FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/lisa.johnson.75457

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