A Table by the Window

Title:  A Table by the Window
Author:  Hilary Manton Lodge
Pages:  320
Year:  2014
Publisher:  WaterBrook Press
Juliette D’Alisa is a food writer for the local newspaper.  Her entire life has been steeped in food, cooking, restaurants and recipes.  Her parents own a restaurant and are of Italian and French cultures.  Her brother now wants Juliette’s help in opening a restaurant.  While going through her French grandmother’s things after her death, Juliette finds an old photograph, which leads her to begin asking questions.  What potential secrets will she uncover?
She enters the world of online dating as well and meets Neil, an immunologist living in Tennessee.  The dialogue between the two was engaging and entertaining.  As the story progresses, Juliette thinks she must make a choice between her career and her heart.  Will the past help her in her decision?
I’m not sure why this book has been marketed as a Christian book because there was very little reference to God, faith or anyone’s growing relationship with Him.  Divorce is mentioned almost in an off-hand or casual manner, which I don’t agree with.  The book had a slow start, and I didn’t like the main focus being on the food, cooking and restaurants.  I’m not interested in cooking, and some of the recipes given are far beyond my capabilities.  This made it difficult for me to connect with Juliette.  I was hoping the main emphasis would be on the mysterious photograph, providing readers with more of a mystery than a cooking lesson.  I love a good mystery!  I don’t travel in the society depicted so I couldn’t relate to that aspect.  I did actually enjoy the use of the French language as I was able to read that and for me that was one thing I enjoyed.  I also liked the budding romance between Juliette and Neil.  This is the first book in a trilogy, but I probably won’t read the other books due to the emphasis on cooking and lack of faith-driven themes.
My rating is 3 stars.

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