Lone Star heiress

Title:  Lone Star Heiress (Texas Grooms #4)
Author:  Winnie Griggs
Pages:  277
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Love Inspired
In this fourth book in the series, the fourth groom, Mitch Parker, has his story told.  The story is still set in Turnabout, Texas, with Mitch having lived there about two years now.  Mitch has no intention of ever remarrying after the tragic death of his wife and unborn child.  He keeps people at a distance and prefers to spend his free time alone, sketching or reading.  He leads a quiet life and likes it that way.  He has kept God at a distance since the tragedy, and he has allowed guilt over his own actions for instigating the attack on him and his family to guide his relationships.
Ivy Feagan is on her way to Turnabout to claim a heretofore unknown inheritance.  She travels alone dressed like a boy.  She injures herself and Mitch happens to be close by to take care of her.  Ivy is a talkative sort and very open about her relationship with God.  As the two spend more time together, Ivy realizes she loves Mitch, but that he has vowed to never remarry so he mustn’t love her.  She decides that once the struggle over her inheritance is settled, she will return to Nettles Gap and continue to lead her lonely, quiet life.  After all, there is nothing keeping her from leaving Turnabout is there?  She makes friends quickly with the other members introduced in the other three Texas Grooms books and really doesn’t want to leave Turnabout, but Mitch doesn’t want her as a wife and her Nana Dovie is back in Nettles Gap and won’t leave there.  She has promised herself she will only marry for love, so where is God leading her?
I didn’t enjoy this book in the series nearly as much as the others.  I just couldn’t come to care what happened between these two very much.  While I liked their playful banter and Ivy’s reliance on God, I think both characters fell flat in the story.  This is the last book involving the four original men that began the series with Handpicked Husband.  The series will be continuing with some of the minor characters mentioned in other books, getting their stories told.  Hopefully, the series can get back on track from this mediocre offering.
My rating is 3 stars.

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