Love's Fortune by Laura Frantz

Title:  Love’s Fortune (The Ballantyne Legacy #3)
Author:  Laura Frantz
Pages:  400
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Revell
What a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful trilogy!  All the members of the Ballantyne family and their spouses or relations make an appearance in this final chapter of their lives.  The story is set mostly in Pittsburgh in 1850-1851.
Wren Ballantyne is 24 years old and lives in the Kentucky woods with her father, who makes a living creating wooden instruments like violins and dulcimers.  She doesn’t wear shoes all spring or summer, doesn’t care how her clothes or hair look and is content with her life, with the exception of the death of her mother a couple of years ago.  She misses her something fierce and knows her father, Ansel, still grieves for her.  Ansel receives a letter asking him to return to Pittsburgh.  Wren accompanies him for the visit, but soon learns this trip might only be one way.
Wren is thrust into society to have a season so she can do her duty to the family and snag a rich husband.  She is forced to endure weeks of etiquette lessons, dress fittings and dancing lessons.  She is told she must modulate her speech or she will be deemed unrefined.  Her only escape is when she gets to play her violin.  Then, she can temporarily forget her misery and soar with the music.  Wren longs for home, but her father is away on family business so she is stuck in a new lifestyle that stifles her.  Her escort for all social events will be the handsome James Sackett, a close family friend and employee of the Ballantyne family riverboat shipping business.  She wants to please her family, but at what cost?  James is an orphan with no famous name or wealth to make him a candidate for her hand, but he is the one she wants.  Dare she oppose her family?  Will she ever be able to go home?
I didn’t like how Ansel treated Wren regarding their future, not giving her any say or knowledge in how they were going to live their lives.  He then dumps her on his family, leaving her to learn an entire new way of life all on her own.  I did enjoy so much renewing my acquaintance with Silas and Eden, Ellie and Jack and even Elspeth.  I loved Wren’s character, trying so hard to please everyone and gain their approval.  She kept her faith in God through it all.  I loved the ending with the Ballantyne story ending right in the place where it all started.  I’m looking forward to what this talented author will write next.
My rating is 4 stars.

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