Tempest Course

Title:  Tempest’s Course (Quilts of Love Series)
Author:  Lynette Sowell
Pages:  207
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Abingdon Press
Kelly Frost is trying to regroup after making the disastrous decision to enter into a relationship with Peyton Greaves at the Boston Fine Arts Museum.  She works as a textile restorer, bringing back to life old textiles using the original design and vintage materials if possible.  Her relationship with Peyton is over, but at a high cost.  It damaged her reputation on a personal as well as professional note.  She knows God has forgiven her, but still feels ashamed of what she has done.  She has arrived at Gray House to repair an old quilt for an unknown benefactor.  She needs the money and hopes once the job is done it will generate more business for her.  She meets the groundskeeper, Tom Pereira, who has been instructed by his boss to keep an eye on Kelly due to certain character issues.
Tom Pereira is an ex-soldier who has been discharged from the military due to a head injury.  He still suffers occasionally from seizures, but is able to work when he can find a job.  His father wants him to go to college, but Tom’s dyslexia and being 10 years older than the other students keeps him out of the classroom.  He also discovers some of his family’s interesting lineage from a client interested in genealogy.  He has found that he actually enjoys taking care of the grounds at Gray House and likes the new textile restorer.  He asks her out, and they being to enjoy each other’s company.
I thought this was an average story.  There were some details left out that made the story not flow very well in some places.  I didn’t feel any tension or angst to build up to a high note in the story.  I did like Tom and Kelly’s faith and its prominent part in their lives.  The story is an easy read and while not as enjoyable as some of the other books in this series, wouldn’t be a waste of time to take in.
My rating is 3 stars.

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