Tosca Lee's Latest Novel...The Legend of Sheba

Title:  The Legend of Sheba:  Rise of a Queen
Author:  Tosca Lee
Pages:  328
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Howard Books
This is a very interesting fictional account of the life of the Queen of Sheba as she is known in the Bible.  The tale begins with Sheba or Saba as she is known in her country as a young girl at the feet of her mother.  Upon her mother’s untimely death, Saba loses favor with her father and his new wife.  She falls prey to palace machinations and has her innocence taken at a young age.  She is then sent to the far reaches of the kingdom where she finds love, but not for long.  Her father dies and she is approached by those loyal to him to take her rightful place as queen.  She is eighteen when this occurs.
As queen she finds herself busy with her duty, but very lonely.  She begins talks with the king of Israel who she trades goods with by caravan.  Soon their conversations turn from verbal via the caravan master to written via scrolls.  Saba and Solomon are intrigued by one another while at the same time wary of each other.  The written word isn’t enough and Saba decides she must meet this Israelite king for herself.  A long journey ensues and she arrives in Israel with much pomp.  What follows is her life at court for six months and her relationship with Solomon.
I enjoyed reading this story as it weaves the little that is known about Sheba with a wealth of speculation on what might have been.  Readers get a glimpse of the rich and luxurious lifestyle of royalty as well as the secret alliances and political intrigue that are a part of palace life.  We also see the religious beliefs of Saba and the many gods her country believes in and feels the need to appease.  The detailed research by the author is evident as well as her ability to create an entertaining fictional account from very little information.  There are some adult situations in the story as well as other human failings to follow God’s path.  Sheba is shown to be a strong, intelligent and crafty woman, but also a woman searching.  Does she find what she is looking for?
My rating is 4 stars.

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