Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A Promise to Protect

Title:  A Promise to Protect (Logan Point #2)
Author:  Patricia Bradley
Pages:  331
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Revell
Ben Logan has been made acting sheriff after his father, the elected sheriff, is shot in the line of duty and then suffers a stroke, leaving him unable to perform his job.  Ben had wanted to be a U.S. Marshal, but has decided that he belongs in Logan Point and that he wants to be sheriff permanently.  He still suffers occasional panic attacks around some children sometimes when he has flashbacks of the day Tommy Ray drowned while Ben was in charge of the scout pack.  Ben hasn’t let go of the guilt of this tragedy even though it happened three years ago.  Most people tell him it was an accident and that he did everything he could to save the teen, but Ben runs into the boy’s father sometimes and he never lets Ben forget his culpability in Tommy Ray’s death.  Now, his old girlfriend from ten years ago has returned to town and he begins to wonder what happened to kill their romance.  He also watches as her brother dies in his arms after being shot by an unknown assailant.  He has distanced himself from God, using work as an excuse.  Can Ben get his life back on track with God and solve the case?
Leigh Somerall has returned to Logan Point to fulfill the terms of a loan agreement that allowed her to finish medical school.  She must stay for a year and then she is free to leave.  She has moved with her son during the summer and hopes she can avoid Ben Logan at all costs.  She lives with her brother until she receives notification of his murder.  Who would want to kill him?  She is forced to deal with Ben now on a daily basis as he promised her brother he would protect her.  After a series of increasingly dangerous attempts on Leigh’s life (or is it Ben’s life?), Leigh has a tough decision to make for her future as well as that of her son.  Can she trust Ben not to let her down like she thinks he did ten years ago?
There is action, humor, love, tension and drama in this suspenseful mystery.  I thought the plot easy to follows and the pages kept turning quickly as I wanted to find out who was responsible for all the difficulties happening to Leigh and Ben.  I was a little put off by Leigh’s character at the beginning as she had a chip on her shoulder, but as the story progressed I began to like her more and more.  I’m looking forward to the next book in this suspense series.  This is one you won’t want to miss!
My rating is 4 stars.

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