The Other Side of Darkness

Title:  The Other Side of Darkness
Author:  Linda Wood Rondeau
Pages:  323
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Harbourlight Books
Samantha Knowles is a prosecutor in the Special Victims Unit in Manhattan.  She has been working on one particular case for over three years and has finally succeeded in getting the criminal sentenced to jail for life.  However, her victory is short-lived.  Her boss forces her to take a vacation away from the case because he fears she has become obsessed with it.  On the way to her vacation destination, Sam has an accident that will change the course of her life.  She ends up in the small town of Haven where she is welcomed with open arms.  She still thinks about the case a lot, sleeps with the lights on, when she can get any sleep and eats very little.  She can’t wait to get back to work, but is continually put off by her boss.  She knows something is going on with the case, but trusts that her boss will do what is right as he is handling the case now.
Sam delves into the history of the town, specifically the Gladstone family.  She meets Jonathon Gladstone, a famous artist.  They snarl at one another one minute and then kiss the next.  She also has feelings for Zack, teacher at the local school.  She draws both men closer, but then pushes them away.  She is confused about what she feels for each man.  She is also faced with her broken relationship with God.  Her past abusive relationship with her father also plays a huge role in her life whether she admits it or not.  Something keeps drawing her to stay in Haven, but what about her big case?  Complications develop with it and the criminal has threatened Sam.  Will her life ever settle down?
I enjoyed the legal thriller/suspense aspect of this story and the way Sam’s relationship with God evolved throughout the story.  Her best friend Justine was too preachy and judgmental in my opinion.  I thought Zack and Jonathon were good romantic interests for Sam, although the ending left me a little unsatisfied.  All three of these characters are lost in their own way and struggling through life.  The faith aspect was well-woven into the story without being “in your face”.
My rating is 4 stars.

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