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Web of Lies by Brandilyn Collins

Title:  Web of Lies (Hidden Faces #4)
Author:  Brandilyn Collins
Story Length:  346
Year:  2005
Publisher:  Zondervan
Annie Kingston is now three months out from an attempt on her life by the Poison Killer (Dead of Night, book 3 in the Hidden Faces series).  She is called upon for her artistic skills again to help the police find a murderer.  Just as she finishes that sketch, she is contacted by a woman, Chelsea Adams, who says she receives visions from God and He has given her a new one.  She shares the terrifying vision with Annie and then asks Annie if she will draw the face of the only person Chelsea sees in the vision.  Annie is reluctant to get involved.  Visions from God, really?  She is unsure if she believes Chelsea, but God soon makes it clear that Annie and Chelsea need to meet for Annie to draw this picture.
As both sketches are circulated, Annie can’t help but wonder if the two cases are related.  Soon thereafter, a body is discovered nearby.  Is this also connected to the other two cases?  Annie is stymied and frustrated by the local policeman in charge of the case.  He doesn’t believe her or Chelsea when they see him to tell him about Chelsea’s vision.  The situation escalates with a kidnapping of someone close to Annie.  Chelsea firmly believes her future is in God’s hands no matter what, so she agrees to help Annie by confronting the kidnapper.  Can they perform their rescue before it is too late?  Who is the kidnapper and why is he out to hurt Annie?
This novel has got great suspense, tension and a nail-biter ending!  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and wish there were more in the series.  I’ve grown to respect Annie now whereas in the first book I thought she whined too much and felt sorry for herself.  Now, what a woman of God she has become!  What spiritual growth!  She still has issue she has to work on, but don’t we all?  I’ll miss Annie and her children, her sister and Dave as well as detective Ralph Chetterling.  Chelsea Adams appeared in this book and really impressed me with her faith, resolve and dedication to doing what God has called her to do regardless of what other people think or how it might impact her.  I know Ms. Collins has written other books featuring this character, so I’m going to check those out.  I’ll let you know what I think of them.  Kudos, to the author for a great read!
My rating is 5 stars.

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