Forever After by Deborah Raney

Title:  Forever After (A Hanover Falls Novel, #2)
Author:  Deborah Raney
Story Length:  387
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Howard Books
This second book in the Hanover Falls Series takes place just a few months after the first book, Almost Forever, ended.  The two main characters in this story are Jenna Morgan and Lucas Vermontez.  Jenna is the widow of Zach Morgan, who was killed in the fire that took place in the first book.  Lucas Vermontez is the lone survivor of that same fire that took the life of his firefighter father, Manny Vermontez and his best friend Zach Morgan.
Lucas has been in intense physical therapy for almost a year after the fire that crushed his legs under a concrete beam.  He has had to learn to walk again and still uses a cane much of the time.  He longs to be back at the station, but fears his life as a firefighter is over.  He has never wanted to do anything else.  He has struggled with depression over the last year and has had his faith in God severely tested.  He has learned though that God is in control and wants only the best for him.  Lucas has always found Jenna attractive, but she was his best friend’s wife so he never acted on his thoughts.  He bumps into Jenna at the local coffee shop and they begin to spend time together, but is she really the woman God wants in his life permanently?
Jenna Morgan is at the end of her rope.  She is in serious debt, a young widow who didn’t love her husband as much as he loved her and is now forced to move in with her in-laws.  She grew up poor, but ever since marrying Zach has had a taste of the life money can buy.  She has never had to work, but her money has run out and her future looks grim.  She thought her mother-in-law was her best friend, but now she is not too sure.  She has based her worth on her position and possessions, but Jenna is learning through her association with Lucas and his family that there is much more to life than stuff.  She wants the peace that Lucas and his family have, but isn’t sure she can trust in God like they do.
This is a worthy continuation of the story begun in book one.  I really liked reading about Lucas and his faith after everything he had been through and his having a strong faith-filled family to support him when the going got tough.  I thought his looking for God’s guidance in all things very encouraging too.  I’m looking forward to the final book in the trilogy, After All, which I will read and review soon.
My rating is 4 stars.

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