If You Follow Me

Title:  If You Follow Me (The Dunbridge Chronicles #3)
Author:  Pam Rhodes
Pages:  255
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Lion Fiction
Neil Fisher is back as the curate in training at Dunbridge.  He is now engaged to Claire, but that comes into question when the father of her son returns to England.  Neil is still reeling from Margaret’s refusal to return to her duties, leaving Neil to carry the heavy load of doing two jobs while still supposedly in training.  He is extremely busy with church events, activities and parishioners lives and has a grueling schedule.  This drastically reduces the amount of time he spends with his fiancée, Claire.  She understands why his schedule is so crazy right now, but she still needs his reassurance that getting married is what he really wants.  He also must contend with his mother, who has moved nearby and continues to try and direct his life how she thinks it should go.  Readers are treated to catching up on the lives of the people of Dunbridge from the two previous books as well as Neil’s spiritual growth as the leader of a congregation.  Soon though Neil’s training time will end and he must choose a new diocese in which to lead, or will he stay in Dunbridge?
This is another wonderful story of life in the village of Dunbridge with all the eccentricities and foibles people have.  There are some wonderfully funny moments, some heartwarming moments and some that will bring a tear to the eye.  I would have rated this story higher, but for the derogatory term used to describe one woman, the acceptance of homosexuality in one sidebar to the story, and the fact that the main character, a vicar, is engaged to and then marries a woman who is not a Christian.  The latter two points go against Scripture.  I so enjoyed the rest of the story, but my enjoyment was lessened by these points in the story.
My rating is 3 stars.

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