Return to Exile

Title:  Return to Exile (The Carthage Chronicles #2)
Author:  Lynne Gentry
Pages:  345
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Howard Books
This is an excellent second entry for this trilogy!  The setting is approximately six years after book one in our time, but not nearly so much time has passed in ancient Carthage.  However, enough time has passed for there to be some significant changes in the personal lives of those residing in Carthage.
Lisbeth’s daughter, Maggie, has been asking lots of questions about her daddy.  Her Christmas list to Santa only has one thing on it…to bring her daddy home.  How can Lisbeth explain to her 5-year-old daughter that daddy lived 1800 years ago?  After much anguish, Lisbeth decides to return to Carthage with the goal of bringing home her mother, half-brother and husband.  Once she arrives in Carthage, she encounters many adversities to test her faith.  Her headstrong personality and stubborn streak sometimes serve her well and other times don’t.  She is faced with lots of difficult decisions and situations that left me worn out and I was just reading about things!
There is tension, romance, danger and faith-filled moments included in this wonderful story.  I am so excited the third book, Valley of Decisions, will be released in the summer of 2015 to wrap up the trilogy.  This second book ends on a cliffhanger just like book one, The Healer of Carthage.  I recommend reading the books in order as book two continues the story begun in book one.  The characters are so easy to get involved with and their feelings are ones I could relate to.  The story is well-written and with the tension mounting, the pages will turn quickly.  The story is also well-researched and I enjoyed the historical details very much.  These two books would make wonderful gifts for yourself or a good friend!
My rating is 5 stars.

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