The LIE by C. N. Bring

Title:  The Lie (Celia Kelly #2)
Author:  C.N. Bring
Pages:  272
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Bad Day Books
This second book in the Celia Kelly Series will entertain readers and leave them wanting more!  This story takes place approximately two years after The Pact, book one in the series.  The SEAL team with a new addition is reunited with Commander Celia Kelly on another mission.  This mission is compromised and results in the kidnapping of an important American official.  The team is sent in for a rescue attempt, but encounters resistance.  How did this kidnapping happen?  Why was the official sent ahead of schedule?  Is the Pact responsible?  At home, the new guard is installed in The White House as President Bailey is no longer President of the United States.  Commander Kelly will miss him and is not a big fan of his replacement.  Celia also discovers that the $20 million recovered during the last mission never arrived in Washington, D.C.  Where is the money now?  Why is intelligence just now being informed of the money being stolen almost two years after it was recovered?
There are a couple of subplots going on at the same time as the one mentioned above, involving the newly elected President of the United States, which keep the story moving at a quick pace and has readers with their thinking caps on.  The new family in The White House is not close and has secrets from the past that will emerge.  Several people die during the course of the story, some of them are the “good guys”.  Just when it looks like one of the criminals might walk away without facing punishment for his crime, a shocking end takes place.  As in the last book, the question of whether Celia’s husband is alive or not is again addressed, but not answered…rats!
There are many surprises in this installment as well as lots of action, political maneuvering and spy/intelligence intrigue.  Commander Kelly remains true to her strong faith and lives her faith daily as an example to her colleagues.  There are some big questions left unanswered in book two, but maybe those will be answered in the next book, The Truth, due to be released soon.  I can’t wait for the next book!  If you like excitement and adventure, then this series is definitely for you.  Don’t miss this fantastic read!
My rating is 5 stars.

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