Beyond All Dreams by Elizabeth Camden

Title:  Beyond All Dreams
Author:  Elizabeth Camden
Pages:  362
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers
This is another winning story from Elizabeth Camden!  It is set in the late 1890s in Washington, D.C. as new technology is appearing in the city.  Anna O’Brien is a librarian at the Library of Congress with a specialty in maps who likes to stay out of the limelight.  Luke Callahan is a congressman from Maine who is bold, loud and full of confidence.  They both have dreams for their lives, but can they be realized?
Luke’s temper gets the best of him in an argument with the Speaker of the House and he is demoted from an influential committee to a lesser known committee.  Luke needs some help with research as he sets out to dig up some dirt on the Speaker of the House.  Anna is assigned as Luke’s research assistant.  They spend more time together and Luke begins to admire Anna’s intellect, wit and courage.  Anna tries to keep Luke at a distance as he is her exact opposite in personality.
What do these two people have in common?  You’ll have to read this excellent story to find out!  This is a wonderful romantic story with a mystery involving Anna’s father also intertwined.  Readers will encounter Anna’s sage advice to forgive because God has forgiven us greatly.  I loved Anna’s character and could so readily relate to her love of books and maps and all things involving the library.  I liked Luke’s ability to bring Anna out of her shell and encourage her.  Anna’s relationship with her best friend Neville was also a joy to read about.  I also enjoyed reading about the political climate at the time the story takes place.  The research involved is to be appreciated as well.  I have liked many of this author’s previous novels, am a fan of her work and look forward to her next offering.
My rating is 5 stars.

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