The Abbot's Agreement (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton #7)

Title:  The Abbot’s Agreement (The Chronicles of Hugh de Singleton #7)
Author:  Mel Starr
Story Length:  240
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Lion Fiction
Hugh and Arthur are traveling to Oxford when they notice some birds clustered around a particular area.  They investigate and find a body of a novice from the local abbey.  Once the body is returned to the abbey, the abbot hires Hugh to find out who killed the young man.  Hugh thinks this is a fair bargain:  A couple of days’ time in exchange for his very own Bible.  Hugh doesn’t currently own an entire Bible, just certain portions of the New Testament.  It turns out to be much longer than a couple of days and much more dangerous too.  As Hugh investigates, he discovers a secret heretical brotherhood operating right under the abbot’s nose.  However, before Hugh can uncover all involved, he himself is accused of heresy against the Catholic Church.  This charge could easily lead to Hugh’s death.  Hugh must avoid the hangman’s noose as well as find a murderer.
I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and hope Mel Starr has many more mysteries to write as I don’t want this series to end!  I find the medical aspect of the books fascinating, and I love Hugh’s dry wit as well as his inquisitive mind.  I especially liked in this story how Hugh helped Abbot Thurston with his spiritual education by using Scripture to explain things and get the Abbot to rethink long-held notions.  I also really like the character of Arthur as Hugh’s “Watson”.  He brings common sense to the table, a sense of humor as well as his experiences of dealing with men in various situations.  Also included in this installment is the first chapter of the next Hugh de Singleton mystery, Ashes to Ashes to whet readers’ appetites.  I can’t wait for number eight!
My rating is 5 stars.

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