Thursday, February 5, 2015

The Butterfly & the Violin......a novel masterpiece!

Title:  The Butterfly & the Violin (A Hidden masterpiece Novel #1)
Author:  Kristy Cambron
Pages:  336
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
When I closed the book after reading the ending all I could do was sit in my chair thinking, “How in the world will I write a review?”  Over the past few years, I have read literally hundreds of books all across the board from fiction, nonfiction, and different genres, publishers and writers.  However, this one work of fiction literally defies description.  Plus, when the audience remembers this is Kristy Cambron’s debut novel, it becomes even a more astonishing accomplishment.
Being an author I imagine is like any other profession or career as it has pluses and minuses.  On top of that, after researching, maybe traveling, interviewing and who knows what all else the author has done to bring us a story, he/she ends up working alone in front of a computer.  The reason I ended up reading the novel was due to a friend’s continued sharing of plain wonder over the novel without telling me but the slightest details to entice me to read it for myself.
Yes, I could tell you the themes it deals with or something about my favorite characters or scene but for once I just cannot encapsulate how the story moved me, deeply.  In fact, it changed my thinking and opened my eyes more to both the beauty and the ashes from the WWII era when one man influenced many to do evil upon others.  More inspiring though is what God made from the ruined lives and broken hearts if people let Him when the storm had indeed passed or the tales that were birthed while the storm was raging and spreading across boundaries and encountering human lives whether rich or poor mattered little to none. 
The Butterfly and the Violin is a novel one must read in order to truly understand or better yet experience what came from reality. 

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