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The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy continues.....When Grace Sings

Title: When Grace Sings (The Zimmerman Restoration Trilogy Book #2) Author: Kim Vogel Sawyer Website: Pages:  352 Year:  2015 Publisher:  WaterBrook Press My Rating: 5+ stars Wow!  The story line continues with Alexa starting a bed and breakfast business inside her grandmother’s home while her mother returned to Indiana. Now with weather getting colder having guests is a major concern for Alexa as she strikes out to prove her calling.  In Chicago a reporter is attempting to finagle his boss into letting him visit the small community of “Plain” people with the hopes of digging up dirt on the inhabitants.  What the Briley the reporter didn’t expect was that the very need of his heart was going to be exposed. When I read book one in the series titles When Mercy Rains, I was hooked and couldn’t wait for the next installment to be published. Now that I just finished book two it is hard to wait until the third and final novel is released!  In this story more of …

Murder Tightly Knit (An Amish Village Mystery)

Title:  Murder Tightly Knit (An Amish Village Mystery #2)
Author:  Vannetta Chapman
Pages:  368
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Zondervan
Amber Bowman is still the manager at the Amish Village, but since her marriage a couple of months ago has begun to spend more time with her husband and less time on the job.  After last spring’s murder on the property, she hopes the fall and winter months will be quieter.  That quickly changes when there is a murder close by and one of her employees begins acting frightened.  Then, that employee vanishes.  Amber views herself and her employees as a family, so she is very concerned over the missing employee.  She begins asking questions about the murder victim and his relationship to the missing person.  The more she digs, the more questions she has.  Amber and Hannah have formed a friendship, so they meet to discuss the murder and those potentially involved.  Jesse’s older brother, Andrew, returns to the community suddenly on the very day of the murder aft…

Too Many to Jail

Title:  Too Many to Jail (The Story of Iran’s New Christians) Author:  Mark Bradley Pages:  304 Year:  12/2014 Publisher:  Monarch My Rating:  5 stars The moment I encountered the book I sensed the Spirit telling me that we will learn of things never told on TV and that’s important!  Why?  Too many of us rely on the news to inform us of what is going on and going no further to investigate or research, digging for what isn’t being told to the audience.  Does that mean we shouldn’t watch the news?  No, absolutely not!  However, what I propose the Spirit wants believers to do is look outside the box, go beyond what is reported in order to know what God is doing and how we can be a part of His work. With Mark’s book, readers can begin to understand, visualize and pray effectively for what is occurring in the Middle East.  There is also at the end of the book an extensive bibliography to aid us in pursuing understanding and seeing both the persecution and growth unfold.  There is also a w…

Halo Found Hope

Title:  Halo Found Hope Author:  Helo Matzelle Website: Pages:  228 Year:  10/2014 Publisher:  Dog Ear Publishing My Rating:  4 stars Being a sibling of someone who went through three brain surgeries, one of which was an emergency to save her life, naturally I was drawn to hear a testimony of what God had done in this story.  Hope seems to flourish amidst a soil of trial, trouble and tears.  Halo Found Hope is one such memoir that reminds us of that fact stated previously. Helo shares transparently a large part of her journey from a healthy, active, vibrant woman with many responsibilities to a woman hoping to see her children grow up.  The type of tumor Helo had happens once in a couple of million discovered tumors.  She shares her heart with readers, and the effect it had on her husband, children and others.  Helo has a new normal for her life that was birthed from the removal and substantial rehab she had to endure. Yet the book isn’t just about her tria…

Daughters of the Regiment

Title:  Daughters of the Regiment Author:  Stephanie Grace Whitson Website: Pages:  336 Year:  2015 Publisher:  FaithWords My Rating:  5 stars The Irish Brigade was fighting on the side of the Union in Missouri when Maggie Malone receives news that one of her brothers is injured.  Not having heard from either brother, Maggie takes it upon herself to go find the regiment and see what the real story is regarding her brother plus tell him of what occurred on their family farm. Libby is a southern lady yet her behavior, attitude and more set her apart from other southern belles.  Libby is under the care of her brother who treats her like he is a task master than an older brother.  With the battle happening right outside her front door, a peculiar friendship is birthed and romances begin to bloom. At the end of the work of fiction, the author shares what happened to the real people who lived at that time and through that battle.  I was captured b…

Learn About the Novel "Daughter of the regiment" & Author Stephanie Grace Whitson

“Whitson celebrates the strong but unknown heroines who marched off to war with their men, as well as those who maintained the home front in this Civil War-era inspirational...Based on true events, [Daughter of the Regiment] will capture the hearts of historical fiction fans.” —Publishers Weekly
“Whitson explores the atypical subject of different women’s roles during the Civil War. The author’s gift for multi-dimensional characters and tight plotting shines through. Romance, family drama, immigrants and dueling factions in the same town add action and intrigue.” –RT Times
Nashville, TN, March, 2015—During the American Civil War, thousands of women organized to join the war efforts, turning their attention from household to battle in support of the soldiers. In her new novel, Daughter of the Regiment, Stephanie Grace Whitson describes this tumultuou…