Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Third Ttarget

Title:  The Third Target
Author:  Joel Rosenberg
Pages:  448
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Tyndale
The Third Target is a spell-binding, adrenaline-building, climactic and suspenseful novel that brings various components of reality into the fictional realm!  At first, the novel jumps off the page with a flashback to what a journalist witnessed firsthand before moving to the current timeframe in the book.  Now, the grandson of that journalist wants to carry the mantle in his day with reporting the most elusive and dangerous terrorist group leader to date.  In order to do so, J. B. sets out on a mission that may just be the death of him to interview the terrorist leader himself.
Through many pages of the tale readers will wind their way through the Middle East and more as journalist J. B. Collins faces not just danger head on, but pure evil.  One aspect of J. B.’s life is the fact that while having grown up in a Christian home, he distances himself from those beliefs as well as his older brother who is a pastor.
One of the threads in the story is how the enemy knows aspects of a proposed peace treaty between two nations that was said to be top secret and classified.  When J. B. learns just how much the terrorists know of the peace plans, he is afraid.  When he learns they know details about his family, he now knows he must expose the threat.
Though this is fictional, I was really impressed with the amount of research Joel Rosenberg pursued; it is simply astounding.  When J.B.’s life is under constant threat and when he is captured a couple of times, one might think he would quit or at least question where he is at spiritually.  Yet, J. B. is not easily swayed to make a profession of faith even when he recognizes God’s hand in his recent life threatening experiences.
I hope you take time to read, consider what is presented, and thank the Lord for the many people who stay vigilant to keep many lives from many nations safe.
My rating is 5+ stars.

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