Transforming Bible Study

Title:  Transforming Bible Study (Understanding God’s Word Like You’ve Never Read it Before)
Author:  Bob Grahmann
Pages:  144
Year:  2003
Publisher:  IVP Connect (Inter-Varsity Press)
Decades back, the Lord led me to a campus group called Inter-Varsity where I met many people, but more importantly learned more about the Word.  One of the many facets of the group was learning to have quiet times alone with a Bible, pen, notebook and an open listening heart.  This is a way to glean more from the Word than any other way I have come across thus far with only one exception.  The manuscript study was new to me then and still lights a fire in my heart years later.  In the manuscript study, you read the word without anything else on the page, no paragraphs, titles, numbers, commentary just the Word!
Kay Arthur’s Precepts is a more involved, in-depth and expanded view, in my opinion, of the manuscript study.  The benefit of manuscript study is the in-depth treasures a person gleans that are really beyond description as it blows away all sorts of preconceived teachings or assumptions.  A word of warning though the in-depth manuscript study will ruin you for the packaged study.  I use other study guides once in a while, but 95% of the time it is in correlation with a manuscript study.
The whole purpose of manuscript study is to spend time in the Word with the Lord and hearing Him speak to you personally.  Reading from the Bible daily is wonderful, studying in a group 1-to-1 is beneficial no doubt about it as I can personally testify.  However, if you want to grow in the Lord, make time to do so.  I promise you will never regret making the decision!  The book gives helpful suggestions as to the “how” of the study and “why” with the author sharing his testimony of being transformed via Bible study and trust me the Word transforms.  I read the book looking to ignite the fire brighter in my own time with the Lord and in my life.  My sons have learned this approach as well because it is unequaled to any other way of drawing near to the Lord and having Him draw near to them and myself.
My rating is 4 stars.

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