Against the Flow by John C. Lenox.....a must for personal libraries!

Title:  Against the Flow (The Inspiration of Daniel in an Age of Relativism)
Author:  John C. Lenox
Pages:  440
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Monarch Books
My Rating:  5+ stars out of 5
What grabs your attention when looking for a book to read?  Is it the title, subtitle, picture, author or content?  When I first was offered the opportunity to read, review and post about this book, I was super excited!  Why?  Well, for one a friend and I have been studying the book of Daniel in depth for awhile now.  Another reason is that I believe the title is a call to do just that, go against the flow.  Finally, it is a well-developed apologetic or commentary on the book of Daniel in the Old Testament.
Now, am I still as excited as I was at first?  Absolutely, if not more so!  The Body of Christ needs to return to preaching the Old Testament and not solely the New.  There are many examples we can learn from those who have gone before us as to how to stand firm and against a raging flow.  Society as the author states a couple of times and in different ways is okay with people practicing their faith in a church building or privately.  They are threatened when people live their beliefs in the full view of the public and hence why we hear, read or see many examples of those who want to silence the voices.
Daniel lived in a different society, time, and culture than we do today, but the message of Daniel is as relevant now as it was then.  What message?  Well, there are many, and God will speak to your heart if you read Daniel along with John C. Lenox’s Against the Flow as an aid to understanding and applying sacred writ.
There is a cost to standing up and being counted as a Christ follower.  Words of hatred are always being spewed forth without restraint in either written or spoken form.  Sometimes it can even be detected through music or movies.  Regardless of how the real question is put forth, will you stand against the flow or be swept up by the flow?  Do not think it isn’t true because it is, and we all know it as we interact with others or discern it from other media forms. 
I highly recommend the book and when you purchase one for yourself, consider buying a copy to give to a local library, friend, family member or whomever your path crosses.  Read the Bible and share what you learn with others and discuss what John C. Lenox has written to encourage everyone who is a Christ follower to go against the flow.
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