Murder at the Painted lady

Title:  Murder at the Painted Lady
Author:  Barbara Warren
Pages:  186
Year:  2011
Publisher:  Avalon Books
Allie McGregor has inherited an old Victorian house from her great-aunt.  She visits the house and immediately takes a liking to the house.  Now, how can she afford to keep it?  On her first visit, she is also harangued by two people claiming they have more right to the house than she.  They are rude and pushy, but can Allie afford to turn them down?
Before long strange things begin to happen at the house.  Allie is still pestered to sell the house, but begins restoring the house.  She also begins to depend more and more on the man in charge of the house restorations, Clay Carver.  Clay also enjoys the time he is spending with Allie and hopes to further their relationship.  He also is unsure how safe it is for Allie to continuing living at the house with all the strange happenings.  Then, a dead body is found in Allie’s home, leaving her as the main suspect.
The ending was predictable, but I still enjoyed the journey.  I thought the romance seemed a bit rushed for my tastes.  The suspense at the beginning was well done and I liked the architectural details of the Victorian house restoration.  I didn’t like when Allie allowed some of the characters to so easily push her around.  I thought she should have stood her ground more often.  This was overall a good book and I look forward to reading more suspense novels from this author.
My rating is 4 stars.

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