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Hillsong United Newest CD "Empires"

Title:  Empires CD
Author:  Hillsong United
Twitter:  @HillsongUnited

Instagram:  @HillsongUnited

Year:  2015
My rating is 5+ stars out of 5.
Music is a very powerful medium that can translate the soul of a person in any number of directions.  Prayer is also a powerful and perhaps under used weapon in a Christian’s arsenal for spiritual warfare that occurs whether we “see” it or not.  Recently I watched a video of Hillsong as they performed on a morning show with one of the songs on their newest album, which is titled “United”.
Lyrics that speak truth and that resonate with a listener’s hearts with the truth can be easily remembered by the musical score.  Together, both lyrics and musical notes aid, encourage, remind, and more that as believers we need to look up, surrender or act upon the Spirits nudging.  What resonates within your soul?  What strikes your heart, causing you to move beyond the moment?
The album “United” is rich beyond my mere attempt to share with you.  I can testify that one song in particular moves me deeply and is a mixture of rejoicing along with petition.  No one lives a life without hurt, disappointment, discouragement or a soul that yearns for a touch in a place within that only God alone can reach.  The song I have listened to most repeatedly is called, “Touch the Sky”.  Go ahead and Google the lyrics.  What beckons you to listen to the musical score that enriches the lyrics?
Allow yourself to close your eyes, recline, lift up your arms and lose yourself in a moment of worship and adoration to the King of Kings, the Lover of your heart.  Listen to songs and be transported to a place of sole focus on God and God alone without distraction.  Look out of yourself and up, not down at others.
I can turn off the CD and the music still plays within my soul at the same time the lyrics are going through my head.  One phrase that sticks out of my favorite song on the album is a petition that asks God to “come sweep up in Your love again”.  Man, is that powerful or what?  I want more of Him, and being a finite creature I want the Infinite God to come and sweep me up in His love that is so different than anything I can ever know here on earth.
So join me and others in listening to the album “United” and share with others your favorite song.  Let the testimony as to why it’s your favorite encourage someone else.  There may just be a person you share this CD with who is struggling or something else and hears what these lyrics say and walk away with a heart restored.
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