Storming the Kingdom

Title:  Storming the Kingdom (Dixon on Disney #3)
Author:  Jeff Dixon
Pages:  351
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Deep River Books
Wow!  Hold on to your seat as this book starts with heart-pumping action and doesn’t let up until the end of the story!  This is the third and final story in this particular series set in Walt Disney World.  Hawk travels from Magic Kingdom to Epcot to Hollywood Studios to find clues that will lead him to his final destination, or will they just lead him to another clue?  Will he ever get to the end of the trail and find what he is looking so desperately for?
The cast of characters from the prior two novels returns in this story as well as the return of the group of people out to stop Hawk from advancing the kingdom.  Hawk is thrust into life and death situations while on his search for the secrets of Walt Disney.  He needs to find out what they are so he can best decide how to protect them.  Amidst his dangerous search, he discovers he has been betrayed by someone close to him.  Hawk must deal with devastating loss as well as forgiveness while keeping control of his temper and remembering Who is in control.  Hawk’s faith in God will never be more tested than now.
I have thoroughly enjoyed each of the three books in this series and hope the author continues to write more books in this genre.  He has a God-given talent for doing so, and I really appreciated the way he wove Hawk’s strong faith into each story.  I truly enjoyed trying to figure out or follow along the mysteries of each treasure hunt Hawk went on.  The amount of Disney lore included was incredible and the details of so much behind the scenes or little known history were so very interesting to read.  Even if you are not a Disney fan, these are excellent suspense-filled mysteries, and if you are a Disney fan, you will definitely want to read these great books.  Kudos to Mr. Dixon for a series well done!
My rating is 5 stars.

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