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Two Roads Home Chicory Inn Series Book #2)

Title:  Two Roads Home (Chicory Inn Series Book #2) Author:  Deborah Raney Pages:  304 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Abingdon My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Two Roads Home continues the tale about the various Whitman family members.  This tale focuses on Corinne and her family’s trials.  Corinne’s husband is considering making a major life change that would turn their lives upside down.  Corinne is wrestling internally more than her husband Jess with the proposed change though she is trying with the Lord’s help to be supportive instead of whining about the fallout from what the changes could bring to her personally.
The one major theme in the book is that no marriage is without bumps along the way.  The elder parents, Audrey and Grant, lived their marriage before their kids as examples to prepare for the day they themselves would be married.  As a result, each grown child has a wealth of knowledge from watching how the parents celebrated life, worked through problems and lived out their faith.
In b…

Home to Chicory Lane (Chicory Inn Series #1)

Title:  Home to Chicory Lane (Chicory Inn Series #1) Author:  Deborah Raney Pages:  272 Year:  2014 Publisher:  Abingdon My rating is 5 stars out of 5.
The sequel to the novel named above was published, so to remind myself of the story I reread this first book in the series.  Most of it I remembered though there of course were parts I didn’t recall.  The tale centers around a couple who are now empty nesters with their youngest daughter recently married who is on her way home in reaction to a spat wither husband.  The parents took their empty home and remodeled it so it could become an inn, which was a lifelong dream of Audrey.  Audrey's husband Grant was able to complete most of the work and supported this change. All the adult children were told that they were still always welcome anytime as family was the major focus for the Whitman’s.  When opening day comes for the inn, so too do the children with their spouses.  They have come to assist, encourage and support in any way required to…

A Worthy Pursuit

Title: A Worthy Pursuit Author: Karen Witemeyer Pages: 341 Year: 2015 Publisher: Bethany House Stone Hammond is in pursuit of a child kidnapper. He finds his prey, but soon begins to be uncertain as to if his employer is on the up and up. He must be sure of his evidence before he makes a decision as the welfare of a young girl hangs in the balance. She seems well-cared for by the teacher who took her, but Stone can’t trust how things appear. He makes a deal with the teacher to stay around, help with chores and get to know the children under the tutor’s care until he receives the proof he needs. Just as proof arrives, so does trouble. Stone and the teacher must leave immediately with the children to find safety with a friend. Will trouble follow? Charlotte Atherton has just lost her job due to her employer suddenly closing the school where she has worked for ten years. She is not about to lose the young girl who has been put in her care by the girl’s mother. Charlotte just knows that if the …

The Fold

Title:  The Fold Author:  Peter Clines                                                                                    Pages:  384 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Crown Publishing My rating of 4.5. Mike Erikson is not an ordinary high school English teacher.  He has an IQ of 180 and perfect recall memory of everything he has ever seen, an ability that his lifelong friend, who just happens to be with DARPA, would like to utilize to help provide further funding of a top secret project.  The project is a machine that allows people to travel to other locations with only a few steps—a doorway that folds space-time.  But the doorway is more than it seems, and it may lead to the destruction of the entire planet.  People on the project team change subtly after each walk through the gate, and Mike begins to notice the little changes that lead him to a discovery of magnificent proportions and unknown dangers. Peter Clines writes in such a way that it was difficult to put the book down.  The Fold

Taken by Dee Henderson

Title:  Taken Author:  Dee Henderson Website: Pages:  432 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Bethany My rating is 5 stars out of 5! Dee Henderson’s newest novel caught my attention some time back and I recently bought it.  Being as busy as I am reading and writing reviews, it is a rare moment for me to pick something for myself not related to a commitment of one sort or another.  I read other reviews sometimes and a lot of folks like her O’Malley series; others didn’t care for her writings after that series.  I think it depends upon more factors than I am aware of it or can state.  Regardless, I was in the mood for a mystery that intrigued, entertained, along with the plot of a woman showing up 11 years after her abduction.  Taken is such a novel!  Dee Henderson captivates readers with a story where a woman is waiting outside in the hallway for a particular man who spoke at a conference in Chicago.  Matthew was chosen specifically by Shannon because he knew what ro…

Old Fashioned Novel

Title:  Old Fashioned Novelization Author:  Rene Gutteridge  & Rik Swartzwelder Pages:  320 Year:  2014 Publisher:  Tyndale My rating is 5 stars The book was excellent!  It certainly opened my eyes on how a relationship with a woman should be by respecting her physically and emotionally, that it’s more than just the sex (as a lot of people nowadays think).  It’s about sharing love, not just a husband and wife love, but the kind of love God has for us all.  They start as two different people getting to know each other and their likes and dislikes, whether or not they believe in God.  If things work out, they marry and become one instead of two. A former playboy named Clay Walsh meets a free-spirited woman named Amber.  They become attracted to one another, but it’s not easy.  Clay seems to be wrapped up in his own little world of trying to do the right thing and is suffering from the guilt of his previous lifestyle.  He now runs an antique shop and repairs furniture; he only has a f…

Old Fashioned Devotional

Title:  The Old Fashioned Way (Reclaiming the Art of Romance) Author:  Ginger Kolbaba & Rik Swartzwelder Pages:  240 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Tyndale My rating is 4 stars. Over the years much has changed both in the body of believers that meet and society as a whole.  Sometimes it is hard to be able to see any difference when comparing one group with another, or even person to person.  Personalities, location, likes and dislikes make up part of what makes one person unlike another.  However, humanity shares some traits like sinful nature or pride, which knows no bounds;we are all affected. So when Tyndale released a devotional titled, The Old Fashioned Way, I wanted to preview what was being presented.  I love the movie by the same title not for any other reason than it seeks to restore what tends to get lost in our relating to God and others.  The devotion has 40 days worth of topics that encourage audiences to journal and seek God’s wisdom from the Bible.  The focus is not on seeking a …

Now & Forever (Wild at Heart Book #2)

Title:  Now & Forever (Wild at Heart Book #2) Author:  Mary Connealy Pages:  336 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Bethany My rating is 5 stars! Mary Connealy is a very talented storyteller who weaves various characters' personalities with reaction, adventure and a touch of mystery.  The series is introduced to audiences in this wonderful western story set right after the Civil War with the first book titled, Tried & True and will be wrapping up the series with Fire & Iceset to be released in October of 2015.  Now, if you haven’t read the books yet, they are fantastic tales about three women who served as men in the Civil War.  They were compelled to do so by their father after their brother was killed early in the War. In each book, while focusing on one sister’s life, we also get to see the other sisters as they are very close to each other.  The names of the sisters are Kylie, Shannon and Bailey.  In Now & Forever, we get to be engrossed in Shannon’s life which starts with her t…

The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy

Title: The Case of the Exploding Speakeasy Author: David E. Fessenden Pages: 159 Year: 2013 Publisher: Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas Thomas Watson has migrated to the United States to try his hand at becoming a successful reporter. He has been given the task of writing obituaries for a newspaper in Philadelphia and is barely making ends meet. He is the son of John Watson, the famous sidekick of Sherlock Holmes. He longs for his big break into reporting and is handed such a story when he stumbles upon the waiter/butler who was present when a local speakeasy exploded. Thomas just knows this is the story he has been waiting for. As more details emerge, Thomas begins to be more involved in investigating than writing. He meets some interesting people, but is pressured to make a deadline to keep his job. Mycroft Holmes, the brother of Sherlock, arrives for an impromptu visit and announces his intention of staying in the states and living with Thomas. Thomas is stunned to say the least, b…

The Murder Stone

Title:  The Murder Stone Author:  Charles Todd Pages:  377 Year:  2003 Publisher:  Bantam Dell This story is set in 1916 in the English countryside in a remote valley.  Francesca Hatton has just buried her grandfather after he suffered a stroke and weeks of being bedridden and unable or unwilling to communicate.  She grew up with her grandfather in the role of her father as her own parents were killed when she was just two years old.  She had no other relatives, so her grandfather took her in.  She was raised with her five male cousins who had also lost their parents.  As grown men, each of them had enlisted in the Great War and all of them had been killed.  Now Francesca is the only surviving member of her family and the vultures begin to descend, wanting things from her.  She has no idea what these people want or what they are talking about.  Her grandfather kept her very shielded. As she asks more questions and gets no definite answers, she begins to think she never really knew he…

The Ticket

Title:  The Ticket Author:  Debra Jeter Pages:  210 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Firefly Southern Fiction My rating is 4 stars out of 5. The Ticket is told from the point of view of a young, budding, teenage girl whose home life is anything but normal.  When her Dad wins the lottery, it has a drastic affect on the girl and her mother, but even more so on complete strangers.  Readers will feel the tension building within the Dad who is moving slowly with any decisions regarding the spending of the lottery money. Tray is the young girl who feels like her Dad isn’t understanding that her requests for clothes has more to do with her growing and less to do with spending money because they finally have extra.  In the home, along with the Tray, her mother and father, is the maternal grandmother who shares nuggets of wisdom when Tray seeks her out.  However, some of the words of wisdom seem like foolishness to Tray as she feels her grandmother cannot relate to her feelings or experiences. In the novel, th…

Anita Higman's New Novel: Summer's List

Title:  Summer’s List Author:  Anita Higman Pages:  288 Year:  2015 Publisher:  River North My rating is 5 stars out of 5! When I began the reading the tale of a very special bond between Granny and her granddaughter named Summer Snow, I sensed that it might have a hint of sadness to the novel.  However, over arching the whole book is the work God can do to mend broken lives, families and relationships.  The factor which tended to scare the main characters Summer and her childhood friend Martin was risk.  They knew they had a strong friendship so it was to grow into a deeper relationship it meant letting go of the friendship safety net to venture into the new territory of marriage. One of the latest social buzzwords in our society is “bucket list” which I cannot stand but the author takes that word and turns it into something I believe is a better avenue.  Now if I were to tell you how I would think it would take away the joy of discovery which comes with reading.  What I can say is…

A More Christlike God

Title:  A More Christlike God (A More Beautiful Gospel) Author:  Bradley Jersak Pages:  352 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Createspace My rating is 2 stars Sometimes when nonfiction books such as the one titled above are offered for review, I sense the Holy Spirit prodding me to sign up to read the book.  There are times when I come away with a treasure, which means that though there are some things I might disagree with in the book it contains some nuggets of gold that I might want to refer back to. Some of these nuggets of gold help expound Scripture and some speak deeply to my heart and are found in the Bible.  Other times I come across books that just aren’t Biblical in their stance or in the defense of what points it puts forth to readers.  So as I began reading the book to prepare writing a review it wasn’t long before I was confused or upset by some of the points made by the author.  First, in a discussion with a young girl looking for answers he dismisses the existence of Hell.  The girl i…

Desperate Measures

Title:  Desperate Measures (Port Aster Secrets #3) Author:  Sandra Orchard Pages:  356 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Revell As this third mystery begins, Kate and Tom have put their personal relationship on hold at Kate’s demand.  She feels betrayed because Tom knew her father was alive, after Kate thought him dead for twenty years, only to secrete him away in protective custody and refusing to tell Kate where he is.  Kate feels betrayed and deceived and hurt.  Tom understands, but felt he what he did was to protect Kate from the bad guys out to kill her father who could potentially harm Kate by association. Kate has continued to grow and experiment with the miracle plant her father first brought to her town, although no one knows this not even Tom.  Kate won’t tell Tom because she is afraid he will make her turn the plants over to the authorities and they might get into the wrong hands.  However, the criminals who now believe her father is dead have turned their focus on Kate.  They someh…

Heart's Made Whole by Jody Hedlund

Title:  Hearts Made Whole (Beacons of Hope #2) Author:  Jody Hedlund Website:  Pages:  384 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Bethany My rating is 5 out of 5 stars. The first novel in the Beacons of Hope series is titled, Love Unexpected, which can be read like this novel as a standalone.  There are one or two references to who the main male lead character is related to from the first book.  However, this tale centers on Ryan as he has returned from the Civil War and been assigned the responsibilities as keeper of a lighthouse.  Caroline Taylor has been the caretaker in order to provide for her siblings after the death of her father now, with Ryan’s return, the whole Taylor family looks at being uprooted. Ryan returns from the war a broken man in both body and spirit and addicted to pain medication due to shrapnel still in his arm.  As he observes Caroline’s care and compassion for her siblings while shouldering heavy responsibilities with the lighthouse, he finds himself drawn to her romantic…

Pirates Code (The Adventures of Mickey Matson #2)

Title: Pirates Code (The Adventures of Mickey Matson #2) Studio: Pure Flix Website: Media: 1 Disc DVD Year: 2014 My rating is 5+ The characters first introduced to us inMickey Matson and The Copperhead Head Treasureare back again to help save the world from a device that would shut down all electronic devices. InPirates Code,we meet new characters both those who fight for the Patriot team as well as those seeking to destroy devices needed in some cases to sustain life. One of the themes taught is working as a team and not fighting solo or thinking it is easy to defeat an enemy. I was reminded of some movies recently out that show superheroes. In this adventure, we learn that character is of utmost importance. While some of the movie might seem silly, I believe it is done with purpose. The purpose being to make sure younger audiences aren’t frightened and also sometimes we all just need to laugh, which brings comic relief. Of all the action and adventure, kids of all ag…

Mickey Matson & The Copperhead Treasure

Title:  The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure Format:  DVD Rating: PG Website: Year:  2013 Studio:  Screen Media   My rating is 5 stars Now before you watch the movie let me tell you that there is already a second movie titled “Prate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson” with a third movie coming soon.  Information about the movies and more is available at the website address listed above. When I first sat down to watch the movie I thought that the movie was going to be corny, or not worth my time.  I can attest to the fact that the movie is one which is perfect to instill in kids of all ages a sense of patriotism which is handed down from one generation to the next.  There is a young man who inherits what he considers worthless items after the passing of his grandfather, until Mickey begins to understand the mystery left for him to solve by his grandfather.  The grandfather has spent much time teaching Mickey and stoking the mind wi…

The Midwife’s Tale (At Home in Trinity Book #1)

Title:  The Midwife’s Tale (At Home in Trinity Book #1) Author:  Delia Parr Website: Pages:  336 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Bethany My rating is 4 stars The main character is woman named Martha Cade a midwife practicing in the town called Trinity.   Martha lives in a room attached to the tavern her brother owns and operated with his family which allows her to answer calls for help at all hours, while her brother watches her daughter Victoria.  Then one night she gets note that her daughter has run away, even though she is an adult Martha cannot help but feel shame and confusion in response to these turn of events. The tension is very palpable in the small town for reasons like gossip which spreads like a fire, or those who call a physician when babies are coming sometimes whose actions are harmful.  Some of the tension is from the view of Doctors doing more harm than good while Midwifery is looked upon as ancient practices at best.…

Justified (A Mended Heart Series #2)

Title:  Justified (A Mended Heart Series #2) Author:  Varina Denman Pages:  416 Year:  2105 Publisher:  David C. Cook My rating is 5+ out of 5 stars!
In the Mended Hearts Series, readers are introduced to a fictional town, characters and story.  Now, in the sequel, Justified, the story is even more captivating and wonderful to read!  In the novel, readers are focused on Fawn whom we met last time in the story of Jaded.  This story presents to the audience a tale of broken hearts, broken lives, wrestling with faith, as well as suspense, thrills, and many surprise twists in the plot. The best part of the novel is that it is written as if these fictional people actually have flesh and bone.  The characters are perfect; they make a whole spectrum of mistakes and in the end a couple of them learn about redemption.  Justified is a continuation of the story begun in Jaded, and the issues that plague various characters can be found in the real world.  I traveled an emotional roller coaster as I foll…