Drawing Fire by Janice Cantore

Title:  Drawing Fire (Cold Case Justice Series Book #1)
Author:  Janice Cantore
Website: http://www.janicecantore.com/
Pages:  416
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Tyndale
My rating is 5+ stars!
My introduction into the stories written by Janice Cantore started with the novel “Accused” her Pacific Coast Justice series in 2012.  Drawing Fire is Janice’s third series which draws upon her real life experiences as a Long Beach Officer for 22 years.  Due to the years of hard work Janice is able to bring her life experiences into the world of fiction making her tales come alive with action, tension and adventure for readers.
“Drawing Fire” centers upon a cold case from 27 years ago, when murder was covered up with the act of arson compelling the daughter of the murdered couple to become a Detective.  The loss of Abby’s parents puts her in the social foster system until a distant relative is able to obtain custody, giving Abby a solid foundation of faith.  Now Abby’s battles are more internal than external as she seeks to see justice done to those never prosecuted yet revenge is constantly knocking on the door of her heart.
Readers will be spell bound as Janice Cantore brilliantly throws in twists and turns in the action packed novel and keeps the solution to the crime just out of reach for audiences.  What kept me turning pages was never knowing for sure if the clue or possible suspect was going to help solve the 27 year old mystery or turn out to be a rabbit trail.
Abby is engaged to a missionary minister Ethan who seems to be unable to understand the need for support but instead seems to constantly give platitudes which only frustrate both Abby and Ethan.  I would get some what ticked me with the same heartless answers Ethan was giving, while a P. I. named Luke showed a living caring attitude with Abby.  There is a tie in the cold case which ties Luke with Abby though there is a hint of a budding romance with these two though we have to wait and see just what the author plans for them.
Book 2 in the series is due to come out in 2016 which is somewhat hard for avid readers like me because trying to remember the plot can be difficult.  Yet, with all the hard work which shows in the well crafted book “Drawing Fire” I eagerly await the next installment!  I loved the tension and suspense, really never sure “who done it” or just how far the possible net of suspects was going to cover.  I hope you enjoy this novel as much as I did, sharing with those who are also up to read a good story!

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