Friday, June 26, 2015

Old Fashioned Novel

Title:  Old Fashioned Novelization
Author:  Rene Gutteridge  & Rik Swartzwelder
Pages:  320
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Tyndale
My rating is 5 stars
The book was excellent!  It certainly opened my eyes on how a relationship with a woman should be by respecting her physically and emotionally, that it’s more than just the sex (as a lot of people nowadays think).  It’s about sharing love, not just a husband and wife love, but the kind of love God has for us all.  They start as two different people getting to know each other and their likes and dislikes, whether or not they believe in God.  If things work out, they marry and become one instead of two.
A former playboy named Clay Walsh meets a free-spirited woman named Amber.  They become attracted to one another, but it’s not easy.  Clay seems to be wrapped up in his own little world of trying to do the right thing and is suffering from the guilt of his previous lifestyle.  He now runs an antique shop and repairs furniture; he only has a few friends left who don’t understand him or understand his newfound faith in God.  Then Amber comes along with only a car, stuffed with all her belongings (including her cat Mr. Joe).  They become attracted to one another, but Clay wants to play it safe while Amber wants his attention, believing she has found the man of her dreams.  She rents the apartment above Clay’s shop and starts breaking the appliances like the refrigerator and stove to get him to come see her.  Clay finally relents and asks her out, but it’s hard for them to enjoy each other’s company because it seems neither can let go of their past and move on.  It’s not until after they seek God with their hearts that they admit how deeply they are in love with each other and how it was divine intervention that brought them together.  The story ends when Clay proposes to Amber and she accepts, beginning a new life together in a God-honoring way.
Many lessons can be drawn from this book such as love is not to build walls around ourselves, but to let people in.  If we worry about sinning and causing destruction in our relationships, then all we have to do is ask God for guidance and remember that we believe and follow His ways and not those of the world.  If things don’t work, then we should take heart and always remember that God has a plan for all of us.  If we remember that, then we can realize that maybe God has someone special in store for us.  If not, then we should know that maybe God is calling some of us to be single and fulfill the great plan that He has for us. Another lesson can be that men are called upon to be leaders and that their relationships with women should involve a lot more than physical needs and should include spiritual needs.  Clay was a playboy until God rescued him from his sinful life.  He struggled in his relationship with Amber, but remained steadfast in his newfound belief; this helps Amber to find God.
We may not always get what we want in this world, but we must always hope in the Lord for he will never forsake us and always has a plan for us. God has created men to be the spiritual leaders of the family.  It is up to them to lead their wives and children in their walk with God, because women are created to be weaker than men and children are innocent until they grow up.  As long as we pray and ask for God’s guidance then everything will work out alright in His time. Even as we stumble and fall, God will not abandon us nor forsake us. For love is patient, kind, hopeful, and old fashioned.

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