Title:  Falcon (The Quite Professionals #3)
Author:  Ronie Kendig
Pages:  350
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Shiloh Run Press
Salvatore Russo or Sal or Falcon as he is known to his brothers in arms on the Special Forces Team stationed in Afghanistan is angry at the world it would seem.  However, his anger is really directed at one person, Cassie Walker.  Underneath the anger though are shame, guilt and anger at himself.  He chooses to deal with his feelings in an unhealthy way, one that could get him discharged if discovered.  He has always been intense and any mission failures seen as person failures.  He is driven and completely loyal to his team.  Now that Cassie is on the scene he seems more distracted.  With a mole leaking sensitive information to an enemy, Daniel Jin, and further attempts on the lives of fellow soldiers, Falcon needs his focus more than ever.  But Cassie reveals something she has kept from him for four years and Falcon isn’t sure how he is supposed to deal with this new revelation.
Cassie Walker took this mission in Afghanistan, working for the CIA, so she could be close to Sal and hopefully receive his forgiveness.  Whenever she encounters him though he is angry with her and leaves no doubt that there will never be a future for the two of them together.  A friend Cassie knew ten years ago, but has kept in touch with, now is the means by which Daniel Jin can devastate the lives of servicemen and women everywhere.  However, Cassie has faith in her friend, who she used to think of as closer than a sister.  Has her friend really changed that much?  Is she really so cold and evil?  While on the trail of her friend and trying to free her from the clutches of Daniel Jin, Cassie is also worried about Sal and her feelings of love that she still has for him.  Will he ever forgive her?
The plot of the story kept me guessing as to the trustworthiness of a few characters until the closing chapters.  There was plenty of action, intrigue and well-developed characters.  Cassie and Sal had a physical relationship in the past, which didn’t work out at the time, but in the beginning of this story Sal couldn’t stand to even be in the same room with her.  Trust or lack thereof was a main theme in the book, and I liked how Cassie in the intervening four years apart from Sal had given her life to Christ.  She trusted Him and this His plan for her life.  There were some surprises in the story that made for a great conclusion.  I have really enjoyed this military series from Ronie Kendig and hope she keeps writing in this genre.
My rating is 5 stars.

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