Hidden by Vanetta Chapman

Title:  Hidden (Jacob Family Series #1)
Author:  Vannetta Chapman
Pages:  396
Year:  2014
Publisher:  Create Space
My rating is 5+ stars out of 5!
Vannetta Chapman’s novels are outstanding as they draw readers into a story filled with interesting characters and many twists of the plot.  I found Hidden when perusing an online bookstore for a book that had suspense, thrills, and action along with a little bit of romance.  When I began reading Hidden, I knew I discovered a treasure and quickly ordered the sequel released this year titled, Protected.
Unlike her previous books, her main characters are agents with Homeland Security based in New Mexico.  The unit is made up of people with various backgrounds and specialties.  The leader is a woman named Dana whose young life was touched with tragedy and domestic abuse.  Her experience as a child propelled her to excel in the area of law enforcement, but the cost of losing agents is beginning to take its toll on her heart.
Now, a new agent is hired whose military background strengthens the unit and with Ben’s smile Dana is not sure she can keep her heart hidden too much longer.  The problem is Dana’s faith took a serious blow with her childhood trauma.  Ben has decided that she is the one for him, but can he prayerfully work past her defenses?
I found reading the tale captivating and action-packed with constant threats and danger always pressing in on the local unit. Ben’s faith is what got him through his service in Iraq and though at times he still misses his best friend, his heart is easily given to Dana.  The budding friendship and romance transcends the boss/employee relationship.  The risks Ben takes to win her heart and trust is very touching. 
The constant on-call nature of their job reminds me to be thankful for all who serve our nation to keep people safe from those who desire to carry out evil schemes.  I loved how Ben didn’t have all the answers to the questions Dana presented, but pointed her toward asking the Lord directly.  Ben’s character made it okay to have questions and to work with the Lord in living daily life by faith.
I cannot wait to read the sequel, Protected, and hope that the author plans for more than just two novels in the series.  Readers will enjoy the action, feel the hope that faith in the Lord brings and look forward to more stories in the future by this very gifted author.

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