Patterns of Evidence

Title:  Patterns of Evidence
Studio:  Thinking Man Films
Year:  2015
My rating is 5+ stars out of 5.
First, I have to say that normally I am not one to watch a documentary; I learn best usually via printed material.  However, for whatever purpose, God really led me to sit down and watch the DVD from beginning to end.  There aren’t enough words to express how astounding and encouraging it made me feel at the end.  I knew that Timothy P. Mahoney was a seeker when he made this film.  He was honest enough to say he really didn’t want to have anything to do with making a film.  What kept him going on were the thoughts and questions that continued to stir up his heart and mind and without these answers he wouldn’t be able to walk away.  For me, that is the Spirit of God working on his heart.
I continued to be astounded by how Timothy traveled to various places to interview individuals and to look at or read documents or books that have been around for decades.  As Timothy would respectfully question learned men who are “experts” in their field, he listened attentively.  Timothy would then review repeatedly what he just learned, draw up his questions and resume his search for answers. Timothy tells us what he doesn’t know about the many fields he seeks answers from and how he is just a film maker.  That to me is evidence of a humble man.
Timothy shares the wealth of information he gleaned and the scenes filmed, pictures of places he went too in an attempt to see if the Exodus account is verifiable.  He worked with a team who helped in ways he doesn’t share, but lets us know it was a team of people with questions, wanting answers.  The most amazing fact is that even with Timothy presenting the evidence to individuals he had interviewed before, some of them wouldn’t change their point of view.  When I heard this, I was reminded of Jesus’ words that he spoke saying that even if people were to rise from the dead, people wouldn’t believe.  We read in Luke 16: 31,    Read the context of this verse in Luke 16: 19-31 and meditate on the Word of God.
I respect and enjoyed listening to the various people Timothy sought out to help him in his quest for answers.  It was with a heart that not only learned for his own personal faith, but for that of his children and children’s children.  No matter how much education a person has, does not mean these experts and specialists are without error.  Only God’s Word is without error.  In fact, we are told that God doesn’t lie; He is incapable of such an act.  The Spirit of God can speak to anyone at any place at any time without regard to education, money, success or failure, etc.  Those things are our ways of measurement, not His. 
So when you view this DVD I ask a few of things of you.  1) Remember God turned the world upside down with unlearned men.  Jesus took ordinary fisherman and empowered them with the Spirit to stand before many well-educated people and defend their belief in Jesus.  “ (Acts 4:13); 2) Read 1 Corinthians 1:18-31.  Here Paul tells us how God can speak through those whom the world may consider ignorant or foolish; 3) Watch the DVD and then consider what is presented.  Look in the Bible, read the Bible, discuss questions with others or talk about what God speaks to you.
Now more than ever we need to learn, teach, stand up and speak up with humility and our words seasoned with grace.  Our responsibility is to obey Him.  The results are up to that individual and God.  The DVD “Patterns of Evidence” is a tool, and for that I am grateful for unless it is used nothing will happen.  So what will you do?

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