Among the Fair Magnolias

Title:  Among the Fair Magnolias (Four Southern Love Stories)
Author:  Tamara Alexander, Dorothy Love, Shelley Gray, Elizabeth Musser
Pages:  384
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Thomas Nelson
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
A Heart so True by Dorothy Love
The setting is 1860 in South Carolina during the summertime.  What most fascinated me was the interplay between a father and daughter at odds with whom she was to marry.  Abigail Clayton always shows a spirit of adventure even when pushing the boundaries of propriety.  Abigail’s mother usually a quiet and submissive wife must now choose to remain so or speak in support of Abigail.  I truly enjoyed the tale that had romance as well as action, mystery and beautifully described scenery.
To Mend a Dream by Tamara Alexandra
A fascinating and captivating story!  Savannah is a seamstress in Nashville, Tennessee during the year 1870.  Though the War Between the States has been over for a few years Savannah still misses the brothers and father she lost in the war, and a mother who died shortly thereafter.  Now she cares for her two younger siblings.  When she is asked to sew at her former farm, it isn’t only that she finds it difficult but discovering what her father left behind long ago. I loved the ending and the new hope Savannah comes to discover!
Love Beyond Limits by Elizabeth Musser
In Georgia in 1868 the war is over and reconstruction begins although not all is smooth, transitioning to equality regardless of race.  A brave white woman named Emily does all she can to educate and help the freedmen of the south.  What Emily hasn’t counted on is the KKK coming around to strike fear in the hearts of the freedmen so they won’t vote.  As I read this tale, I was again reminded how much history has taught us if we would seek to know and understand.  The author did an excellent job of showing the brutality as well as the hope for those who were said to be free in the South.
An Outlaw’s Heart by Shelley Gray
In Texas the year is 1878.  A man gets down off of his horse to enter a house he was asked to leave years before due to his actions. Now he has returned to hopefully see his mother one more time as well as to see if the woman he loved named Nora is still in the area and available.  I love western stories and this short story is no exception!  Horses, bad guys, good guys and a romance thought to be gone, but isn’t as well as the way the other characters come together to see the couple have what they need for an occasion are all included in this short story.
All four authors write unique stories that grab your attention and heart, not letting go until the very end!  So grab a comfy spot, maybe have a cold iced tea and get ready to lose yourself in the past era of the south and west!

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