Remembering My Father

Yesteryear I hear the laughter that no longer rings aloud.
I see in my mind’s eye the loved one who is but a memory.
I grieve for what can no longer be recaptured.
Though at times I sure wish I could return to yesteryear and live the days again,
I doubt I ever really thought those days would never come again.
Life just seems to keep on going.
Then, one day I looked back down the road with longing in my heart and a tear going down my face, I realized I couldn’t truly relive the moments of laughter, parties, games, sibling stuff and getting ready for Dad to come home.
They will forever live in my heart and I will remember the late night math tutoring after you just got home from work,
Throwing me pop flies until you needed to go inside and love on the woman of your dreams,
The encouragement to always do better and more important be a better person,
The laughter around the dinner table, especially with extended family there,
The times on the back porch as you grilled even when snow was flying,
Your ability to identify an airplane simply by the sound of the engine.
Though I could go on for pages and pages of my memories of yesteryear, let me simply say that I will forever love you as you loved me and may I strive to serve as you did.
Though the later years scared the hell out of you when you realized your mind was fading, the love always showed through; the light in your eyes will never dim in my mind or heart.
I love you Dad.
And on this day while tears stream down my face
Know that I miss you so very, very much and if I could, I would gladly relive a day or two of yesteryear just to hug you, hear you laugh and see your smile once again.

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