Trial Run: Fault Lines

Title:  Trial Run (Fault Lines #1)
Author:  Thomas Locke                                                                                    
Pages:  385
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Revell
Rating:  3 out of 5 stars. 
Thomas Locke, also known as Davis Bunn, has written many award-winning novels which I have thoroughly enjoyed.  In this latest venture, he tackles the techno-thriller genre with a well-researched novel that deals with teams of people who try to unlock the mind and project themselves to other places and other realities.
Locke’s novel was difficult to read, not because of his superior writing ability as much as my interest level and understanding in the areas of quantum mechanics and psychology; however, the dialogue between characters was wonderfully constructed.  What I liked most about the novel was the short chapters with frequent scene changes and the amount of dialogue to advance the story.  What I think could be improved upon is the different settings, which seemed to be lacking enough details to understand what was happening in the story.  Although the mysterious factors of the story were important and lead to my desire to find out what was happening, I found it difficult to maintain an interest because I was clueless as to what was going on through most of the book.  Perhaps this was due to the scenes jumping back and forth from one group of characters to another, or it could have been that I just did not click with the subject matter of the novel.
Much of the book’s storyline had potential with all the  various sets of characters and scenes.  I felt as if I was dropped into the middle of a sci-fi plot without any background or understanding of what was being conveyed.  I enjoyed many of Davis Bunn’s other books and will continue to read his novels, but this one fell somewhat short of what I envisioned and hoped it would be.

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