Finding Noah

Title:  Finding Noah Movie
Release Date: October 8, 2015 (One Night Only)
Author/Producer:  Brent Baum
My Rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Finding Noah is a documentary film about several archeologists, theologians, geologists, and other scientists who undertook a journey to Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey to search for Noah’s Ark on the glaciated mountain.  The film compares other discoveries that started out as legends or cultural stories that have been passed down through the ages and were proven to be true, including the finding of King Tut’s tomb and Machu Pichu.  In like manner, the story of a global flood can be traced to many cultures in every part of the inhabited world even in cultures that had no contact with each other until modern times.  The Gilgamesh epic is quite similar to the biblical account in many respects, and there are similarities with high percentages of different cultural stories that match many of the key components.
The film is about the journey in search of finding evidence for the ark’s remains on the mountain.  For most of those who undertook the expedition, the experience of spending time together in the inclement weather while searching was more important than finding the ark, which they did not find on this particular trip; however, after many core samples from the ice, the men of the expedition found where the ark is not located.  It is important to realize that Ararat is a very large mountain and there are several places that are impassable and others that are dangerous to get to.  The air is thin, which slowed how much work could be done each day, and the occasional ice and hail storms and high winds contributed to an already limited schedule allowed by the Turkish government.  Although the team did not find what they were looking for on this particular search, the members were not hindered in their belief that the ark is somewhere buried in the ice on Mt. Ararat, and it will be discovered when the time is right.

In addition to the team members’ determination, I was impressed that they used scientific equipment and methods in their search for the ark.  They did not go looking based on blind faith, but they all started with a reasonable faith and integrated the science into the search for knowledge.  They have not given up on the goal of finding Noah’s Ark, and they are optimistic that one day it will be found.  None of them felt that they failed even though they did not find any indication of the ark’s possible location.  One of the team members even related the story of when Thomas Edison was questioned about his failures and responded that he had not failed.  He found ten thousand ways not to get it right.  I appreciate that those men who went on this expedition adopted that same attitude and that they want to go searching again.
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