Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Codist (The Aaron Chronicles #1)

Title:  The Codist (The Aaron Chronicles #1)
Author:  Eric E. Walker
Pages:  373
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Tate Publishing
My rating is 5+ stars.
Before I share with you my view of this novel, let me say I hope the author plans on sharing more of his writings of this nature!  Eric Walker weaves a compelling tale that pulls the reader into the action between two school friends.  One of them is Jacob.  He is of Jewish descent and has dual citizenship in Israel and the United States.  Yet more important than that is the special gift he has to put seemingly erratic pieces of information together like a puzzle.
The other young man in the friendship is brilliant in the science field and is able to study DNA, looking for a common piece that only those of Jewish descent contain in their blood.  Hakeem, along with four of his friends, is handpicked to become the leaders in the Muslim world.  Yet, when he takes his own path by disobeying the leaders in Iran, his life drastically changes!
I have never before read such a novel that contains so much Biblical, Temple and the High Priest history.  The multitude of layers in the intelligence community astounds me still, along with a special group of people preparing to build the third Temple.  The characters became almost lifelike as I got so emotionally invested in the book.
If what is shared in the story about the history of the descendents of Abraham, Israel and Ishmael is true, I learned a lot.  Even so, I want to learn about these ancient peoples’ descendents and what, if anything, the Bible says about a third Temple.  Throughout the book readers will be reminded to focus on the Middle East, about those who are trying to wipe out God’s chosen people today.  Not once did I get lost in the storyline, but only drawn deeper into the action as if I were actually there observing it.
Again, I hope and pray the author writes more novels such as this as I am hoping it draws readers to enjoy the tale as well as pray for Israel!  I visited the website listed on the last page of the book in hopes of seeing any news on a possible sequel, but so far there isn’t any news.  Perhaps there will be in 2016 because this was just the best of the best in whatever genre it would be placed!  It is simply outstanding, and you don’t want to miss reading the book!

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