New Testament Breakthrough Version review Part 1

Title:  New Testament Breakthrough Version
Author:  Ray Geide
Pages:  352
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Breakthrough Version Publishing
My rating is 1 star.

Recently I decided to participate in a study based on this Breakthrough Version.  Since I am very passionate about studying the Word and encouraging others to do so, I joined the group.  Now, for the protection of the website and people involved in the study, I will not divulge where this is taking place even though I have withdrawn.  Let me stop and say right here that removing myself from the group was to alleviate the stress I continued to feel when studying this version as well as for other reasons I will share momentarily.  While I commend the author for being diligent in studying, where is the accountability or peer reviews, comments or feedback?
Before I got a copy of this Bible, I went to the author’s site:  

At first, it indicates that the Bible Version Report Card shown right on the home page appears to be very biased.  Why?  When you go to the website listed by the grades, scroll to the bottom of the page and you will see the author is himself the one who did the grading.
The original point of the study was to do a comparison with our Bible version(s) and then with the Breakthrough.  While in the study in portions of Romans we were assigned to do, there were notes on how the author translated the words.  However, there are no such translation notes in his version so people can know how he chose the words he inserted or changed or a Bibliography so others can follow if they so choose to see the path he took to come to the conclusions he did when writing.

When I got the Bible, the only thing in it was a list of words he changed.  For example, for the words “faith” and “believe” he uses one word “trust”.  Instead of letting the context determine why the words were chosen by the translators, he believes simplifying it will be easier with one word.  I highly disagree with this form of writing when one is a noun and the other a verb.  A person reading his version wouldn’t notice the difference and it is really confusing.

continued tomorrow.........
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