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Soul’s Prisoner (Portraits of Grace#2)

Title:  Soul’s Prisoner (Portraits of Grace#2)
Author:  Cara Luecht
Pages:  300
Year:  2015
Publisher:  White Fire
My rating is 5+ stars.
The author really writes unique stories that really are beyond describing for me!  The first book in the series is titled, Soul’s Painter where a woman living in her own world away from other people paints their future.  The characters you meet capture your heart along with blood-pumping tension, then throw in a little romance and become involved in a mystery and what more could you ask for?  In order to read Soul’s Prisoner, it is beneficial to read the first book as the story builds in book two.
The main female painter is named Miriam.  Her painting gift described in the first novel has changed and it worries her; frankly she is scared.  Her paintings are of things and faces she has never seen before.  It concerns her so deeply Miriam can’t but wonder if she is losing control of her grip on reality. The asylum which is in need of donations from people is where Miriam and her eclectic friends attempt to obtain contracts to provide clothing at minimal cost.
Writing this review is hard because I want to share some of the wonderful aspects of the story, but I am concerned I would ruin it for readers who haven’t enjoyed her books yet.  The characters are deeply concerned and care for each other and always open to bring another soul that once was in a bad place into the safety of their “family”.  They show love, grace, care, concern as well as not being afraid to state truth to each other if they see one of their friends not being honest either with themselves or someone else.
Each character has beauty that shines from the inside and the story isn’t focused on beautifying the body, but more so drawing out the soul within.  The gifts each woman brings are unique and complementary to the others which is a picture of what family, friendships or the Body of Christ should be.  There isn’t tension in the family due to competition, but in dealing with the hard life each woman has lived through and come out from.
I hope the author writes another fictional work with these characters and soon.  It just touches my soul as I read the books.  I hope you will really consider reading Cara’s other novels.  One is a standalone titled, Gathered Waters.  Both Portraits of Grace books include the element of mystery so be prepared to be pulled along the path to solving what piques your interest as soon as you start turning the pages!

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