Finding Mercy (Mercy Medallion #2)

Title:  Finding Mercy (Mercy Medallion #2)
Author:  Michael Landon, Jr. & Cindy Kelley
Pages:  416
Year:  2014
Publisher:  David C. Cook
This second book in the series picks up right where book one, Traces of Mercy, left off so please read book one before this one.  It is now May 1866.  Mercy still has amnesia and is being escorted to the state line by Elijah Hale a former Union officer.  They are travelling on horseback and stop to camp overnight.  Mercy thinks she can move faster on her own, take care of her own self and doesn’t want Elijah to spend any more of his money or time on her.  She leaves in the night and takes a room at a boarding house only to find herself pursued by bounty hunters.  It seems someone is not happy or satisfied with the judge’s recanting of Mercy’s death sentence so bounty hunters have been hired to kill Mercy.  She manages to escape, but soon finds herself in another terrible situation.  Elijah has tracked her down and rescues her.  She has seen a picture of a man who looks familiar to her.  She and Elijah find out who he is and travel to Georgia, hoping to find out more information on Mercy’s true identity.
Mercy finds her family, but still no memories of her time before waking up in the doctor’s office have returned.  Over time, she begins to see her family isn’t exactly welcoming.  She also gets a picture of the person she used to be and she isn’t sure if she likes that person.  Mercy must face the consequences of some of her actions of the past.  Has she really changed or will she revert to her pre-war self because it is easier and won’t upset the apple cart?  Her situation becomes untenable and she must take a choice.  With Mercy’s life in danger, will anyone help her?
I read book one quite a while ago, but just now got around to reading book two and I wasn’t disappointed!  I was able to get right into the story and had little difficulty picking up the threads again as book two raced to its conclusion.  There is plenty of action and tension in the story that kept me turning pages from beginning to end.  I couldn’t wait to see Mercy’s reunion with her family and how Elijah would fit in to her life or if he would even be in her life.  Isaac was a wonderful character in the story and I could really picture that little boy in my mind.  I hope this writing duo has more stories planned in the future as I surely enjoyed these two wonderful Civil War era tales!

My rating is 5 stars.
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