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Romance by Design

Title:  Romance by Design Author:  Gail Gaymer Martin Pages:  294 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Create Space Independent Publishing My rating is 5 stars. Note:  I received a complimentary copy for an honest review of this book from  The opinions shared in this review are solely my responsibility. For me, the most touching part of the novel was reading about the redemption of a man and the tension relationships can create.  I believe the author did an excellent job of showing that no family is perfect, even though some may look healthier than others.  Also, there was evidence in the story of the parents of both designers changing in ways that blessed their adult children. Hunter Evans is a successful interior designer though for years his parents never really saw the heart of their son, especially when not following in his father’s footsteps in the career area.  Then, there is Morgan Branigan who is the only daughter of six children with five older brothers.  Morgan has bee…

Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Gray Author: Dorothy Love

Title:  Mrs. Lee & Mrs. Gray Author:  Dorothy Love Pages:  400 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Thomas Nelson My rating is 4 stars. This story is based on a real friendship between Selina Gray, a slave and her owner, Mary Custis Lee.  The story begins when Mary is a teenager and finds the love of her life, Robert E. Lee.  They eventually marry, have children and live life.  Selina is a young girl when the story begins with Mary teaching her how to read.  Selina over time is put to work in the house, serving Mary’s mother and then Mary herself.  While Selina is grateful for Mary teaching her how to read, she yearns for Mary’s father to set her free.  Mary and her mother are members of a society that raises money to send former slaves to Liberia to start a new life. As Selina and Mary age, Mary especially suffers heartache.  Her husband is gone for months and sometimes years at a time, serving in the military while leaving Mary to raise their seven children.  This novel portrays a loving re…

No Way Up (The Cimarron Legacy #1)

Title:  No Way Up (The Cimarron Legacy #1) Author:  Mary Connealy Pages:  304 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Bethany My rating is 5 stars. One of the first words that drew my attention was the author’s words to her mother before I even began to read the story.  What mother hopes when her babies are born that they will follow the Lord have good marriages or fulfilled lives?  There is no way to pay mothers for all they give so sacrificially without the children even really being truly aware of the cost to a mom’s heart.  So I am sure Mary’s mother was touched by her daughter’s words.  I like to think it really blessed her heart! A good western book is this new series that starts right off with someone apparently trying to rid the Borden of their land.  The attempt made on the father of the family almost cost him his life, but the ranch hand named Heath provided assistance that probably saved the father’s life.  Now, the father lets his daughter know about a change in his will before he leaves…

: Beyond the Narrows (A Novel)

Title:  Beyond the Narrows (A Novel) Author:  M. R. Durbin Pages:  304 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Covenant My rating is 5 stars. What an exciting novel with what looks like an ending left open for a sequel!  There is a mystery from ages ago along with racing for some supposed treasure left decades ago to be found if the clues and maps could be found.  I loved that some of the main characters were retired people from various jobs of expertise and ethnicities.  Two of the characters are a young man and a young woman who are related to one of the older gentlemen whose life is in constant danger! Once I started the novel, it was hard to put down because the tension never lets up and there are twists in the plot that come up suddenly, grabbing my attention.  There is also archeology involved, native languages, and a bond these individuals have, especially the older gentlemen, that is very touching.  There are a few references to Mormonism or terms I think are referring to something within t…

Honor Redeemed

Title:  Honor Redeemed (Keys of Promise #2) Author:  Christine Johnson Pages:  352 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Revell My rating is 5 stars. Prosperity Jones has left home to reunite with her fiancé, David Latham, after a two-year separation.  Her mother has recently died, leaving Prosperity with no close family and no means to support herself.  She has to leave home, so she decides to go to her fiancé in the hopes that he will support her at a boarding house or hotel and marry her earlier than they had intended.  Upon arrival in the Keys of Florida from Nantucket after a five-week journey, Prosperity makes an awful discovery.  She turns to her newfound friend for shelter and the means to support herself.  She can no longer count on David. David Latham has loved Prosperity Jones for years.  He is an officer in the military working on an engineering project.  He has six more years in service and then he will have saved enough to marry Prosperity.  One night some of the other soldiers induc…

The Reason

Title:  The Reason Author:  William Sirls Pages:  416 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Broadstreet Publishing Group LLC My rating is 4 stars. In case you look up this title say on Amazon, you may see an earlier version by the same author and title; however, it was published in 2012 through Thomas Nelson.  For me, the earlier version was my first introduction into the world of William Sirls stories.  In 2014, William Sirls wrote a novel titled, The Sinners’ Garden, which is also a wonderful story.  Each of these novels is a standalone book.  Each version of The Reason has its pros and cons like any other piece of work.  As far as cover art for books, this one definitely needed something different or more eye appealing.  It seemed so uninviting or dull that some people may just walk past the book, thinking that it isn’t worth reading. Each book is unique in some of the ways the author took the plot, the central theme and characters’ lives.  I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it…

I Have Called You By Name (Tell of My Kingdom’s Glory #2)

Title:  I Have Called You By Name (Tell of My Kingdom’s Glory #2) Author:  Sonya Contreras Pages:  335 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Bull Head Press My rating is 5+ stars. The series begins with the first book titled, Until My Name is Known by the same author.  Inside the novels we get a fictional account of the travels and tests of Moses along with the Israelite nation.  At first, when coming out of Egypt, they didn’t view themselves as a nation but former slaves.  Now, with the desert as the place their feet travel upon, Moses receives instructions from God and then tells the people what God has spoken. As I read this second novel with the continuation of the story from book #1, the focus shifted more to how the people interacted with each other, Moses and God Himself.  The true story is told in the Bible in the Old Testament books of Exodus, Deuteronomy and Numbers.  I love how the author’s approach isn’t to replace Scripture, but to draw readers to know God, not about Him.  To know God…

Fraying at the Edge (The Amish of Summer Grove #2)

Title:  Fraying at the Edge (The Amish of Summer Grove #2) Author:  Cindy Woodsmall Pages:  352 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Waterbrook My rating is 5+ stars. The series as well as the main character’s story begin with book one titled, Ties That Bind.  The tale begins with two different young women from two different backgrounds.  The women are Ariana Brenneman who was raised Amish and from the English side of the story, Skylar Nash.  Not only are these women from two different worlds, they learn about being switched at birth twenty years earlier and being introduced to their birth mothers and families. There is so much for these two young women to come to terms with.  However, the two women aren’t the only ones who must adjust; it’s also the siblings, friends and others who are trying to adjust as well.  The tension in the story is broken up occasionally by times of rejoicing just like in a real person’s life along with times of rejoicing among other emotions.  At first, since I didn’t r…

What Happened on Beale Street (Secrets of the South Mysteries #2)

Title:  What Happened on Beale Street (Secrets of the South Mysteries #2) Author:  Mary Ellis Pages:  352 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers My rating is 4 stars. Nicki Price receives a phone call from her best friend from high school, wanting her help.  What Nicki doesn’t realize is that her help is needed right away.  She decides to answer her friend’s request, but by the time she flies to see him she has trouble finding him.  She phones his sister and the search begins.  Nicki and Nate are hired by Isabelle Andre, the sister of the missing man.  Nate and Isabelle rub each other the wrong way and don’t get along.  Nicki pushes too hard on the investigation, getting herself thrown off the case. With Nate now full-time on the Andre case, Nicki has nothing to do.  They are staying in a ritzy old hotel with lots of history so she takes a tour of the hotel.  While on tour she learns about a mystery concerning a series of scavenger hunts that took place in the mid to late 1…

Murder Under the Mistletoe (Northern Border Patrol #3)

Title:  Murder Under the Mistletoe (Northern Border Patrol #3) Author:  Terri Reed Pages:  224 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Love Inspired Books My rating is 4 stars. Tyler Griffin likes his life just as it is, being a DEA agent with a life on the road.  He doesn’t think he is husband or father material and isn’t looking to change his single status.  His new assignment is to bring down a drug cartel that has been operating from Canada to Mexico via Idaho.  His informant on an Idaho Christmas tree farm has just been murdered, so Tyler is on the trail of murders now as well.  Just before his death, Tyler’s informant left a journal detailing the drug operation somewhere on the Christmas tree farm.  Tyler goes to the farm to retrieve the journal, but before he can do so the farm’s owner is attacked.  Now Tyler must find the journal and protect the farm owner from harm to solve the case. Heather Larson-Randall is a young widowed mother.  Her brother, a rehabilitated drug addict, had been runnin…

Dangerous Tidings (Pacific Coast Private Eyes #1)

Title:  Dangerous Tidings (Pacific Coast Private Eyes #1) Author:  Dana Mentink Pages:  219 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Love Inspired Books My rating is 4 stars. This is the first book in a new Love Inspired Suspense Series from author Dana Mentink.  The setting is San Diego, California in the present day.  The Gallagher family is close knit and consists of four grown daughters, a mother and father.  The father owns a detective agency and while out with a drive on a case with his youngest daughter, the unthinkable happens.  The father is killed and the daughter seriously injured.  This is where the story begins.  The youngest daughter is in the hospital and the remaining sisters and mother are trying to cope with their grief as well as worry over their sister/daughter.  The police rule the wreck as an accident, but Donna Gallagher isn’t so sure about that. Donna takes a week’s leave from her job as a veterinarian to investigate.  She comes across his most recent case file and finds only …

The Cantaloupe Thief (A Branigan Powers Mystery #1)

Title:  The Cantaloupe Thief (A Branigan Powers Mystery #1) Author:  Deb Richardson-Moore Pages:  288 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Lion Fiction My rating is 3.5 stars. Branigan Powers is 41 years old and a reporter in a town in Georgia.  The town is growing from small to medium in size, but the newspaper is struggling to maintain readership.  The older folks in town still subscribe to the paper, but the younger set get their news via the internet.  Branigan is given the story of a 10-year-old murder, the only unsolved murder in the town.  With the 10th anniversary of the murder, Branigan revisits the family of the victim to interview them again in the hopes that maybe they might remember something. A new angle presents itself to interview the homeless in relation to this crime, which Branigan does with the help of her good friend, Liam, a former reporter turned pastor.  Branigan also gets help from some of the homeless in town who participate in Liam’s mission, outreach programs to the ho…

The Unicorn and The Dragon

Written by Cleve A. Johnson

Missing (The Nikki Boyd Files #2)

Title:  Missing (The Nikki Boyd Files #2) Author:  Lisa Harris Pages:  320 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Revell My rating is 5 stars. Simply put, awesome!  In book two of the series, Nikki’s interested in more than just being friends with Tyler.  The only problem is she doesn’t know how Tyler feels about her and she is scared to lose his friendship.  Plus, in this sequel, there is another case that soon grows out of proportion to what at first became a missing person’s case. This story seemed to have more action, adventure, danger, etc.  Plus, while Nikki’s sister is still missing, Nikki has to decide whether she wants to remain in the force or go back to teaching kindergartners.  Tyler is ready to move forward in his life, but he isn’t sure in any area how without it affecting his son Liam.  Tyler wants to have a job that fits his personality and uses his military experience, but he doesn’t want to be in school or behind a desk. The questions being asked by Nikki and Tyler about many aspe…

Trinity: Military War Dog (A Breed Apart #1)

Title:  Trinity:  Military War Dog (A Breed Apart #1) Author:  Ronie Kendig Pages:  352 Year:  2012 Publisher:  Barbour Publishing, Inc. Heath Daniels suffers a head injury while on active duty as a Green Beret.  His job had been to handle a dog, Trinity, trained to sniff out terrorists.  Due to his injury that causes recurrent and unexpected blackouts, he is discharged from the military as he is no longer able to serve.  Trinity refuses all other handlers and is retired, so Heath adopts her.  The military was his life and Heath really is at loose ends as to what he is going to do now.  Then he hears from a former soldier about a program, showcasing the abilities of military war dogs that could be hired in the private sector.  Heath has nothing better to do so he agrees to enter the program.  The first stop is Afghanistan where Heath meets a woman who he immediately falls for, but who tries to send him packing.  She is captured by the enemy and a rescue team, including Heath and Trin…

Vendetta (The Nikki Boyd Files #1)

Title:  Vendetta (The Nikki Boyd Files #1) Author:  Lisa Harris Pages:  304 Year:  2015 Publisher:  Revell My rating is 4 stars. Nikki Boyd is a young woman whose career change into the Missing Persons Task Force was prompted by her younger sister being abducted.  Now, ten years later, Nikki is still searching for her sister along with any new clue that would help her locate the person responsible.  Nikki’s sister and five other young women have been abducted and so far Nikki is still searching not sure if it is for revenge or justice. Also Nikki is dealing with it being the one year anniversary of losing her best friend and she is celebrating her life with her best friend’s husband, who she remains friend with by rock climbing.  The adrenaline rush is something Nikki loves and shortly after reaching solid ground her phone rings.  The call is due to a woman missing close to where Nikki is on her day off, so Nikki responds by taking the case.  The young widower, Tyler, goes with her t…


Title:  Talon:  Combat Tracking Team (A Breed Apart #2) Author:  Ronie Kendig Pages:  352 Year:  2013 Publisher:  Barbour Aspen Courtland is a former Air Force JAG assistant who wants nothing more than to find her missing twin brother, Austin.  He served in the military and went missing on a mission.  He has been missing so long he has been declared dead, but Aspen refuses to believe it.  She has brought his military war dog, Talon, home to heal as he suffered from the separation from Austin.  He is a beaten down dog and acts depressed.  Aspen has been working with him for months and he seems to be slowly recovering.  Enter Dane Markoski or Cardinal as his boss calls him. Cardinal has been given the mission of finding Austin and protecting Aspen and Talon.  He is a trained spy, but doesn’t feel right manipulating Aspen and playing on her fears.  He tries his best to keep his distance from her emotionally as he feels he is unworthy of her affections and his past will scare her away if…

Meet my Husband an author!

Synopsis: A young man, joined by an old storyteller, sets out on a journey to join a group of freedom fighters to oppose an evil self-proclaimed king. He discovers his nation's forgotten history and the key to his own courage on a road that can only lead to the final battle between the Unicorn and the Dragon.

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Cleve A. Johnson M.A.

The Heir of Brownlie Manor

Title:  The Heir of Brownlie Manor Author:  Anita Stansfield Pages:  288 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Covenant Communications, Inc. My rating is 4 stars. Ruth Dawson has left her employment as a servant in a well-to-do household.  She decided to do so after discovering the man who had promised her marriage has left town with another woman, leaving Ruth in desperate straits.  She appeals to her uncle for help as he has promised her family to help whenever possible.  Her uncle is a butler for Thomas Fitzbatten and his parents in the family manor house.  Her uncle brings to problem to Thomas who readily agrees to help Ruth. Thomas has recently returned from war with Napoleon and longs to settle down to a quiet life on the family estate, but has terrible memories from the war that pursue him.  He is restless and longs to feel useful.  When his butler brings the problem of his niece to the attention of Thomas, he feels a new purpose for his life.  He prays about the situation and answers God’s…

Flirtation Walk

Title:  Flirtation Walk Author:  Siri Mitchell Pages:  374 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Bethany House This story is set at the United States Military Academy and the nearby small town of Buttermilk Falls in the year 1855.  The main characters are Seth Westcott, a cadet at the academy and Lucinda Pennyworth, the niece of one of the teachers at the academy.  Lucinda has arrived in town to throw herself on the mercy of her aunt and uncle whom she has never met after the death of her father.  She has nowhere else to go and no way to earn an honest living as she has been in finishing school.  She has survived in the past as an accomplice to her father and his swindling schemes, cheating people out of their money.  Lucinda has never thought of this as something bad as her father has told her they are exchanging their money for hope.  Then, while living with her aunt, she begins to see truth and is convicted of all the lies and deception her father has taught her.  She learns about God in a new,…

A Lady in Defiance (Romance in the Rockies #1)

Title:  A Lady in Defiance (Romance in the Rockies #1) Author:  Heather Blanton Pages:  282 Year:  2013 Publisher:  Rivulet Publishing My rating is 4 stars. A Lady in Defiance can best be described as a raw look at the Old West with a multitude of themes.  As I read, I sensed the spiritual warfare, evil, hate and yet the blossoming of hope for those who knew none.  On some pages scenes were described with too much detail that embarrassed this reader/reviewer and I thought unnecessary to the story. The western genre is one of my favorites.  Authors who write sometimes put material in their story that detracts a reader’s attention.  Other authors seem to go out of their way to be too descriptive, but really for me the whole issue is forgetting readers have wonderful imaginations.  Authors shouldn’t feel obligated to describe scenes between men and women as people.  Not only are readers aware of what goes on, but in God’s eyes it is a holy moment. Now, overall, I thought the story brough…

Deceived by Irene Hannon

Title:  Deceived (Private Justice #3) Author:  Irene Hannon Pages:  418 Year:  2014 Publisher:  Revell Kate Marshall moved to St. Louis two years ago for a fresh start.  She works at a women’s career counseling center, putting her degree in psychology to work.  She is involved in her church and is asked by an elderly member to run an errand at the local mall.  Kate agrees and while there sees a little boy who looks just like her son.  The problem is three years ago her son was declared dead after a boating accident.  The authorities were able to find her husband’s body, but they never found her son’s body.  Kate thinks she must be seeing things, but the more she thinks about it the more sure she becomes.  She decides to present her story to a local PI firm and hire them to investigate.  She immediately feels confident and safe with Connor and trusts him to do a thorough job, even if the results are not the ones she wants. Connor Sullivan and his partners have had their PI business fo…

The Reason by William Sirls

A wonderful emotionally packed story that you won't soon forget!

Like a River From Its Course

Title:  Like a River From Its Course Author:  Kelli Stuart Pages:  352 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Kregel My rating is 5 stars. Each chapter focuses on one of the main characters in the story plus the chapters alternate between those players.  The story is set in the timeframe of WWII and is in the nation of Ukraine, which I found was especially eye opening, having rarely read a historical novel set in that nation.  While the characters are mainly fiction, there is a lot based on the author’s travels and interactions in that nation.  For more, please visit her site at Readers will have their hearts touched by those who suffered directly from the Nazi party’s actions in ways that can’t be imagined.  Various buildings were destroyed along with whatever was thought to be valuable was taken.  Through the suffering and some of the darkest moments there is a loving and caring God who draws people to Himself even those who never thought about spiritual life before.  Some…

Dark Habor (Love Inpsired Suspense)

Title:  Dark Harbor Author:  Christy Barritt Pages:  224 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Love Inspired Suspense My rating is 5 stars. Readers will most certainly enjoy a story where love wins and good triumphs over evil!  Zack is the lead male character who is Chief of Police for a small town off the East coast of the United States.  Originally Zack was a detective in Baltimore who worked to try to bring down a drug ring along with attempting to be a mentor to a young man on the streets. Madelyn is the lead female character in the story that lost her parents in a car crash and has been trying to make it on her own since then.  Madelyn has no siblings and is adrift in her relationship to God.  When she goes to the small town to do a story on the Chief of Police under false pretenses, her life becomes targeted no matter where she is located! In time, readers get to discover who is behind the illegal drug ring and the multiple attempts on Madelyn’s life.  Plus we get to enjoy the blossoming rel…

Murder, Mezzo, Forte (A Preston Barclay Mystery #2)

Title:  Murder, Mezzo, Forte (A Preston Barclay Mystery #2) Author:  Donn Taylor Pages:  298 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Lamplighter Mysteries My rating is 4 stars. This Preston Barclay novel focuses on the man who teaches history at a university and recently solved a murder at the school.  Now, after a reception for the staff, trustees and other administrators, Preston and another professor, Mara Torn, find another dead body.  Preston knew this female professor because she was a friend of his late wife.  Were Professor Preston & Mara set up by some unknown assailant to discover the body and thereby be under suspicion for the murder? There were a lot of one-liners throughout the novel that made me laugh out loud.  The main male character of Preston has a dry wit and sometimes speaks his one-liners at imperfect moments.  Mara and Preston became friends as they solved the prior murder on campus.  Mara though has kept her heart guarded due to a prior bad marriage. Throughout the novel t…

Betrayed by Jeanette Windle

Title:  Betrayed Author:  J. M. Windle Pages:  365 Year:  2008 Publisher:  Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Vicki Andrews is an anthropologist, working for an organization that gives funding to worthy aid organizations.  She has been sent to Guatemala to check out a children’s home for funding.  While there she runs into her younger sister Holly who is working at an animal rescue park.  They haven’t seen each other for a while, but Holly wants Vicki to help her with a project.  She isn’t specific about what the project is and Vicki really doesn’t want to take her personal vacation time and use it on Holly’s project.  Holly gets irritated and storms off.  The next day while Vicki is overlooking the huge garbage dump where the native Mayan people live and she sees movement in top of one of the garbage piles, runs to the pile to make a devastating discovery. Vicki also discovers some things about her past from the children’s home founder.  She learns she was born in Guatemala and her pare…

A Spy's Devotion

Title:  A Spy’s Devotion (The Regency Spies of London #1)
Author:  Melanie Dickerson
Pages:  315
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Waterfall Press
My rating is 4 stars.
This story is set in London in the year 1811. Julia Grey is the ward of Mr. and Mrs. Wilhern.  She has grown up with their daughter Phoebe and been given a good education and social standing due to her association with the Wilherns.  Phoebe has her heart set on marrying Nicholas Langdon and enlists Julia’s help in encouraging Nicholas to pay Phoebe attention and perhaps gain his favor.  Julia has always tried to follow the rules of society and has felt indebted to the Wilherns as they took her in at a young age and raised her after the death of her parents.  In gratitude for their care, Julia agrees to try to steer Nicholas in Phoebe’s direction.  However, she sees Nicholas sneak out of her uncle’s office and soon learns her world is about to be changed forever.
Nicholas Langdon is on leave from the army recuperating from war i…

The Gilded Curse Author: Marilyn Turk

Title:  The Gilded Curse Author:  Marilyn Turk Pages:  258 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Heritage Beacon Fiction My rating is 4 stars. The setting is Jekyll Island, which is the home of the Millionaire’s Club and various homes used for those rich enough to get away during the winter.  Now, with the start of WWII, in order for the club to survive, the rules have changed and it is now opened to anyone.  Lexie Smithfield is the sole remaining family member returning to the island to get the home named Destiny ready for sale.  Before the Depression, Lexie’s family had wealth and socialized with elite families of similar class; however, now her life is so vastly different. When she returns to the island, Lexie is reunited with a childhood friend who looks after her needs in many ways.  Russell couldn’t serve in the armed forces due to a hunting accident that left one foot permanently injured.  It seemed to Lexie that the curse her mother spoke about so often till her passing was becoming a real…

Voice of Freedom (Against All Enemies #2)

Title:  Voice of Freedom (Against All Enemies #2) Author:  H. L. Wegley Pages:  360 Year:  2016 Publisher:  H. L. Wegley My rating is 5 stars. The action-packed story begins with book one titled, Voices in the Wilderness, where we meet a small band of true Americans willing to stand up against domestic enemies.  Readers will be on the edge of their seats following each scene to see where this small band of three women and four men go in an attempt to stay one step ahead of the enemy pursuing them.  The enemy being the POTUS and those who have turned their backs on their oath of office! In Voices in the Wilderness, the action centers around a brave young man named Brock Daniels and a genius of a computer whiz KC.  In this sequel, not only are we invited to peek in on the latest developments of Brock and KC, now we have an Israeli Mossad agent helping, another married couple, Steve who is a ranger and Julia who feels like a misfit. When I finished the book, I felt hoped stirred in my h…

Cassia Author: Susan F. Craft

Title:  Cassia        Author:  Susan F. Craft Pages:  258 Year:  2016 Publisher:  Heritage Beacon Fiction My rating is 5 stars. In the manner of other great stories set on the high seas fraught with danger, add this novel to that list! I sat down to read Cassia in the early evening just drawn in by the cover and the different setting of the novel.  I didn’t stop reading till I reached the end!  I found the suspense in the tale would come at time unexpected and kept me turning pages to see if the characters avoided the pirates. The main villain in the story is a pirate, Captain Galeo, who is an evil man who derives pleasure from seeing fear in the eyes of others.  His target is whatever crosses his path, and Galeo will not stand to be crossed by men under him.  The Xanthakos family is a godly family who endures trials that test their mettle and their faith.  The family endures life-threatening times, separation, danger and staring evil in the face.  However, the most admirable and tr…