Flirtation Walk

Title:  Flirtation Walk
Author:  Siri Mitchell
Pages:  374
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Bethany House
This story is set at the United States Military Academy and the nearby small town of Buttermilk Falls in the year 1855.  The main characters are Seth Westcott, a cadet at the academy and Lucinda Pennyworth, the niece of one of the teachers at the academy.  Lucinda has arrived in town to throw herself on the mercy of her aunt and uncle whom she has never met after the death of her father.  She has nowhere else to go and no way to earn an honest living as she has been in finishing school.  She has survived in the past as an accomplice to her father and his swindling schemes, cheating people out of their money.  Lucinda has never thought of this as something bad as her father has told her they are exchanging their money for hope.  Then, while living with her aunt, she begins to see truth and is convicted of all the lies and deception her father has taught her.  She learns about God in a new, revealing way and has His light shine on the darkness in her life.  She also develops a fondness for Seth, but eventually sees her past prevents a future with him.
Seth is in his last year at the academy.  He receives a letter telling of his mother’s death and his younger sister being left to sell the family farm on her own.  Seth is denied leave from the army to help his sister.  On her way to live with relatives in Kentucky, she loses all the money by investing in a nonexistent hotel.  Her only proof is a worthless deed to property that doesn’t exist.  Seth vows to find the swindler and get the money back, but to do so he needs to go west where the swindler has been operating.  Only the lowliest of cadets makes it into the cavalry and get sent west.  The only problem is Seth is at the top of his class and due to be sent to Europe immediately after graduation, leaving him no time to get his money back or take care of his sister.  How will he accomplish justice?
I applaud the amount of research the author did to write this book and I really enjoyed learning more about the life of a cadet in the 1800s United States Military Academy.  Lucinda’s father was such a mean snake!  I really liked the supporting characters of Deacon, Dandy and Otter as well as Phoebe.  I hope the series will continue and develop some stories for these characters.  The plot was a little slow moving for me and the two main characters weren’t as appealing to me as they could have been, but overall I still liked the book.
My rating is 4 stars.
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