Identity Theft by Ron Cnator

Title:  Identity Theft (Book #1)
Author:  Ron Cantor
Pages:  250
Year:  2013
Publisher:  Destiny Image
My rating is 5+ stars.
While the book is written in a fictional format, don’t let that fool you or distract you from discovering the nuggets of truth within the story.  The fictional male character is a young Jewish man seeking to find the truth that will set his heart free.  During a trip to a local coffee shop to write an article for his publication job, David’s life is abruptly interrupted.  What an interruption!  David is taken by angel to the past, the recent past and also way back to the first century.
What unfolds before David is meant to provide scriptural answers to his questions as well as some history of the Jewish people/nation.  When he returns to the coffee shop, not much time has passed; however, he isn’t the same person anymore.  While questions were asked, answers were provided with only one more action needed to be taken that was a weighty matter.
I was gripped by the fictional story to be sure, but more so by what I learned.  It isn’t easy to put into words how my heart was both excited and troubled by some things I read.  I was raised in a Roman Catholic family and it really wasn’t until the last couple of decades that I began to understand what I was taught and what the Bible teaches.
I began in September 1980 to walk with Jesus as my Savior and my life has never been the same.  The one discipline I was taught by my parents and am so thankful for was to always love learning.  I wasn’t meant to ever stop or just let others tell me what to think or say.  The other discipline I learned was to constantly read, which I do even to this day, along with learn.  By the grace of God, both my sons also have captured the love of learning and reading.

So when you read Identity Theft, I pray you do enjoy the story but don’t stop at that point.  I pray you consider the truths being presented and then search for the Truth in the Bible.  Ron Cantor‘s character was shown that what is learned should be backed up by scripture more than religious teaching, traditions, etc.  It takes a lot of courage to embark on a search for truth as one must be willing to let go of what is false to be free to embrace truth, the Truth being Jesus!
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