A Lesson in Love & Murder (Herringford & Watts Mysteries #2)

Title:  A Lesson in Love & Murder (Herringford & Watts Mysteries #2)
Author:  Rachel McMillan
Pages:  217
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers
My rating is 5 stars.
Merinda Herringford and Jemima DeLuca, formerly Jemima Watts, are hired by a Royal Mountie, Benny, to find his cousin.  The said cousin is suspected of bombing some trolley cars in a couple of cities during rallies of people trying to gain support for equality among social classes, genders, etc.  Merinda and Jem soon don their disguises as men to seek clues.  They also face more danger to their lives in this case than in any other.  Jasper Forth is once again at their sides, but finds himself in competition with the Royal Mountie for Merinda’s attention.  Jasper has been waiting patiently for Merinda to use that deductive reasoning she extols and see how much he cares for her.  Merinda has never allowed herself to feel much emotion, has never intended to get married and can’t understand why she becomes so flummoxed when Benny is around.
Ray DeLuca is facing his own problems.  His wife continues to show her independence and put herself in danger.  His sister calls from Chicago in need again.  Her husband has continued to drink and gamble away any money they have, leaving them broke and starving.  Ray rushes off to Chicago, leaving Jem only a brief note.  While there, he makes a discovery that could link the crimes of Toronto to a nefarious plot in Chicago.  He knows he has got a gem of a story, but there is great danger too.  Can Merinda and Jem find Benny’s cousin before more innocent people are killed?

Oh, how I enjoyed this book!  I read book one when it was released and found it pretty good, but I wasn’t too sure about the character of Merinda Herringford and wasn’t sure if I would read another book in the series.  I had the opportunity to read this second book in the series and am so thankful I did.  Merinda’s character was much more developed in this novel and I came to understand her better.  She is constantly searching for something.  Jem knows that only God will be the answer to her search, but Merinda at this point has no interest in God.  The relationship between Jem and Ray faces some struggles, which I thought realistic.  I hope to see further mention of faith in future stories and can’t wait to see what mystery and adventure these two, independent, Toronto gals are embroiled in next!
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