Thursday, September 8, 2016

Memory Man

Title:  Memory Man (Amos Decker #1)
Author:  David Baldacci
Pages:  416
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Grand Central Publishing
My rating is 5 stars.
I read The Last Mile (Amos Decker #2) before realizing this novel comes first in the series, though it gives more background information on Amos I did alright even when read out of order.  Memory Man is about a professional NFL player who played one game and one play due to a drastic hit on the head that caused a major change in Amos’s brain and personality.  Amos becomes a police officer, then detective before starting on another new career path the reader will enjoy in the second novel.
There is a lot of action and mystery going on in the novel with some misdirection, leading to false conclusions.  The farther along I read the more complex the plot became though I never got lost in the plot.  In this book, the relationship between the characters of Alex Jamison and Amos is established and in book two, readers see how the friendship has grown into respect for one another.
For me, this is the second David Baldacci novel I read and really enjoyed the story, except for the occasional use of foul language.  Other than that, being able to follow along with Amos as he tries to help solve a complex case that is somehow connected to what occurred with his wife and daughter was interesting.

By now Amos is a character I admire and hope to see the author bringing him back for another adventure soon.  Until then if you haven’t read either book please do, I think you will be more than satisfied by the depth of writing, the mystery and the character Amos.

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