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The Looming Storm (Guest Review)

Title:  Black Friday
Author:  William W.  Johnstone
Pages:  384
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Pinnacle
My rating is 5 stars.
What a captivating and heart-pumping novel about a fictional terrorist attack in a mall in the USA.  While this was totally fictional it brings to the forefront why we must stay vigilant of America’s enemies.  The story takes readers into various characters’ lives that will soon become entangled while shopping at stores the day after Thanksgiving.  The action really seemed realistic and so did the cost of fighting those who were attempting to take out many lives.
One of the reasons I love Johnstone novels is the American patriotism that is so clear and touching throughout the story.  The characters that unknowingly met and united against the terrorists ranged from a wheelchair bound vet from WWII to a young man who had no direction in life but trouble.  Another character was a vet who had served three tours overseas before being injured and having an honorary discharge.
I thought the interagency fighting between various government people was intriguing and perhaps a reflection that sometimes politics becomes the focus instead of pooling resources to fight.  The story also included people who lived in America, yet sold their patriotism and souls for money.  If novels that describe the loss of life and the threat danger bother you, please still read the book.  Why?  I believe the author focuses on the best of America and Americans overall.  I believe the portrayal of everyday people coming together to fight tyranny is exactly spot on!

I loved, too, the thought that while some characters lost their lives in the fight, in the end more were saved because of the bravery of others.  I hope this reminds you of those lost on 9/11 because they were brave and saved lives by paying the highest cost.  Those who survived 9/11 need to know we will never forget and I for one will never forget this novel as it reflects the best of America and Americans!  God Bless the Johnstones for writing a great novel and God Bless America!
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