A Son’s Vow Author: Shelley Shepherd Gray

Title:  A Son’s Vow
Author:  Shelley Shepherd Gray
Pages:  288
Year:  2016
Publisher:  Avon Inspire
Series:  Charmed Amish Life #1
My rating is 5 stars.
Lukas is the oldest of the Kinsinger siblings whose life, along with other families, has irrevocably changed due to a fire at the family’s mill.  Lukas lost his father and now he is the head of the mill and the family.  As a result of the tragedy another resident of Charm has lost her father; however, some of the town folks blame Darla Kurtz’s father for the fire.
Darla and Lukas have been close friends since they were little children and now both have to assume responsibility while trying to deal with their own grief.  Darla works at the local post office to help care for her younger siblings; however, her brother Aaron, who works at the mill, has been different.  Aaron is now an angry young man who, though pledged to marry Hope, is taking his anger out on Darla.
For me, I enjoy Shelley’s tales as they are written so lifelike, meaning characters have real problems, feelings, etc.  In book one of the series, we meet the two families and see the pain they are in and if Lukas can gain enough courage to pursue Darla even though she is not looked on favorably by others in Charm and most certainly not by Aaron!

I was glad I started with book one in the series as the other novels that follow flow from the previous book.  While it could be read without reading the sequels, I couldn’t put this book down as it grabbed my heart and I wanted to see how the families lived after the town’s tragedy.  I hope you enjoy each of the books in the series:  A Son’s Vow, A Daughter’s Dream, A Sister’s Wish and An Amish Family Christmas.
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