Dubiosity Author:Christy Barritt

Title:  Dubiosity
Author:  Christy Barritt
Pages:  325
Year:  2015
Publisher:  Waterfall Press
My rating is 5 stars.
Savannah Harris has lived in her self-imposed isolation for two years.  She lives in an old house in the middle of nowhere with no social life and nothing to stimulate her imagination.  She is a former investigative reporter, but now she edits textbooks to pay the bills.  Her former job led her into dangerous situations as she pursued truth and justice.  She never gave up until she had her story, that is until she pushed too far and it cost her everything dear in her life.  Now, to make up for what she perceives as her fault in a past tragedy, she lives a life with no spark and no chance at joy.  She has turned her back on God and everyone else and is just existing, with the one exception of her long friendship with Marti, a friend who gives her time to help migrant workers in the area close to where Savannah lives.
Clive Miller needs a local place to stay while he investigates his wife’s murder on the low-down.  No one can know he is doing so or his one chance to find the truth will be removed.  Savannah’s carriage house is the perfect place, even though she is reluctant to rent it to him.  She relents and he begins to trace his wife’s path that led to her murder.  What he doesn’t count on is being attracted to Savannah and her feeling the same attraction.  He is here for one purpose and that is to find a murderer.  Strange things begin to happen and migrant workers are disappearing.  With Savannah’s nose for ferreting out clues and following leads, they stumble upon something more dangerous than they could imagine.

This is one book you don’t want to miss!  I couldn’t put it down.  The story pulled me in from the get-go and the tension and suspense were palpable.  When someone was watching Savannah, the description was such that I felt someone was watching me!  Creepy, but good writing because it got me so involved in the story.  I thought Savannah’s struggle with her belief in God after what had happened in her past was completely believable and understandable.  However, God can handle her doubt and He sent people in to her life to encourage her and live lives of faith for her to see Him in action.  I loved Savannah’s passionate spirit for justice once it emerged from its self-induced slumber.  Don’t pass up this great suspense novel as it will make a great gift idea for yourself or a friend.
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